The Best Ways to Engage and Update Your Webinar Participants

engage your webinar participants

Webinars represent a beneficial tool to help starry-eyed entrepreneurs engage with many prospects and potential leads. A practical webinar helps spread awareness of your brand, allowing your company to spread some influence in a highly competitive business landscape.

Without a doubt, the return on investment of webinars is pretty high, providing plenty of opportunities for business owners to make their mark in their chosen industry. As a form of self-promotion, webinars are some of the best ways to spread your message, though they still come with their fair share of pitfalls. The burden falls on the webinar organizers to ensure that they cover their bases to ensure a smooth process.

Quality of a Webinar

One of the most significant advantages of going for a webinar comes with the overall popularity of the tactic. You’ll find yourself spoiled for choice with the number of ways you can improve a webinar and engage viewers, allowing you to pick and choose your favorites to develop the best possible presentation. Making your webinar stand out will be the least of your worries.

When it comes to improving the quality of a webinar, the main issue is not necessarily the content but how you manage to update and get potential participants actually to participate. It’s a problem that has plagued many would-be webinar organizers and caused many to fall short of expectations. Even the best type of webinar content will fail without enough participants to absorb the information and spread the word, which is an absolute shame.

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If you want your list of online users to arrive at your webinar on time, it is crucial to focus on other aspects of what makes a webinar great. In this case, it will be all about successfully updating your webinar participants and ensuring they arrive on time.

Create a dedicated landing page

Suppose the purpose of a particular landing page is to host webinar participants for a limited time. In that case, it can be tempting to rush through its creation, prioritizing function over form for the sake of time. While it is important to publish dedicated landing pages to the web as quickly as possible, remember that it remains only one of the many aspects of what makes a business great.

For that reason, using a dedicated landing page builder means gaining access to a long list of tools that enable you to create fully customized and dynamic landing pages. From templates to scalable hosting and marketing tools, top-level builders ensure that quality is not necessarily sacrificed for speed. You can ensure that webinar participants are always greeted by purpose-built, high-quality landing pages that offer all the relevant information. It also helps to have an easy-to-navigate landing page, as visitors appreciate any app or website that respects their time.

Use email

There is a reason why email continues to be regarded as the most effective channel of communication between brands and their existing customers. Not only do the overwhelming majority of people have a personal address, but putting together an email marketing campaign to promote events saves you time and money. If you select a site builder that enables you to integrate automated email marketing campaigns within the rest of your processes, things can get even easier.

When it comes to deciding when to schedule your reminders, there is no definitive answer. It is crucial to strike a healthy balance between regular reminders and inbox flooding, so aim to send out one email a few days before the webinar. You can also send another email on the day of the webinar to help remind those that might have forgotten. It is never a good idea to flood the inbox with reminders, but you also run the risk of very few people attending. Many might see the email tactic as archaic, but it gets the job done when it matters — and it most certainly matters regarding webinars.

Share a document with relevant information

One of the biggest hindrances to any event is poor communication, particularly when it comes to online events. A company runs the risk of relevant information being spread too thin. For example, it might only be spread between a handful of social media posts, and a few different announcements posted to your site or blog, or even a couple of easy-to-neglect emails.

Most people are busy, and many are unwilling to prolong the struggle to find the necessary information. If they feel that the relevant information is not readily available, they will likely lose interest quickly. Just as you need to ensure that you do, the same thing can be told about keeping their attention during the days leading to the event.

As such, it is much better to collate all relevant information in one place — a single, well-presented word document to which participants can refer whenever they need to know more about the event. Doing so will not only ensure that they do not waste time scouring through old posts to find what they need, but you will also spend far less time responding to an influx of last-minute questions and queries. Responding to your brand’s various social media and customer service channels and answering the same questions repeatedly is not ideal.


Webinars can prove highly lucrative for your business — both in converting prospects and solidifying your brand’s position within your industry. However, they place a higher demand from organizers than some of the more common types of online promotion. This is why preparing and ensuring you are ready to handle the unique demands of organizing and hosting a webinar is crucial. Digital marketing, in general, is all about getting as many eyes as possible on your content. The best way to do that is to be diligent with a webinar’s content and marketing strategy.

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