5 Best Webinar Providers to Use in 2021

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Today webinars, as well as webinar providers, become more and more popular. The reason is that the modern community goes toward complete simplification of information exchange and, consequently, exists in constant pursuit of new knowledge, new tricks and new ways for better achievements. All technical inventions serve for easiness, saving time and money. Businessmen do their best for promotion.

On the Internet, companies and brands have more and more opportunities for the popularization of any activity, product or place. In these conditions, webinars are one of the common ways to tell people about your business, a useful tool to help them solve their problems and, as a consequence, solve your own problems.This is the reason why we have more and more choice among webinar providers in 2021.

In fact, different webinar providers offer options for various categories of users. Obviously, all users have different budgets, needs and purposes. So, here are some of the attractive platforms which you can choose for organizing your webinar.

1. MyOwnConference


This platform is is designed for diverse categories of users. Its creators always develop the system introducing new useful elements. For example, there have been recently introduced some modifications into the options of webinar recording, i.e. now the users can choose what exactly should be included in the webinar recording and what not.

You can customize rooms based on your preferences choosing necessary modes for future recordings: the area of materials, the list of participants, the speaker’s name and chat. Also, you can record the webinar room entirely.

2. GoToMeeting

GoToMeetingOn GoToMeeting, you can hold an unlimited number of webinars or other kinds of video conferences for a fixed monthly price. It’s possible to integrate with MS Office, send files and applications, record, etc.

Basically, this service enables users to organize efficient webinars, as includes all necessary features.

3. ClickMeeting

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This platform allows 4 presenters for each webinar. You can customize your webinar room adding your logo and changing its design.

Here you can use all basic and features for webinars, such as screen sharing, showing slides, drawing tools, surveys and chat with a possibility to translate into 52 languages, and video recording. Moreover, the platform collects and shows stats about the event and its participants.

4. Ready Talk


With Ready Talk, you have a chance to use elements of branding, send invitational links with a possibility to add them to calendars Outlook or Google.

You can customize the form of registration for the event, several options for confirmation, one-click recording, screen sharing, chat, tools for promotion through social networks, a library for recordings, etc.

5. WebEx

Cisco Webex Meetings

This platform is very similar to GoToMeeting allowing up to 25 participants, access from any device, collaborative work with documents, screen sharing, chat, video recording, and a possibility to integrate with Outlook, stable connection.

Some faults may be linked to certain inequality in the rights of participants. There is an owner, speaker and participants. And the participants can just listen passively raising hands when they want to express any ideas.

To sum up, all these webinar providers cannot be reckoned as completely good or completely bad. Actually, some features may be convenient for some categories of users while others may find the same things awkward.

So, there are no universal services for any webinar, any audience, or any kind of promotions. Thus, it would be better to use a free trial that is provided almost on all platforms and consider the best exactly for your case in 2021.

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