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When planning online events, we need to make sure everything goes smoothly. That’s why it’s so important to test everything thoroughly when choosing a webinar service, and we’re never tired of reminding you about this in our articles.

Free Plan of Webinar Software Platform MyOwnConference

Therefore, we are pleased to inform you that a stable and fast Internet connection, checking the equipment several times, and holding a test webinar with colleagues or friends is the minimum that can save you from the most unwanted surprises.

With this in mind, at MyOwnConference, we have offered our users a unique unlimited free plan to test all the program’s functions for free! That’s right, free!

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Let’s take a closer look at why the free plan from MyOwnConference is so awesome.

When we say that you can test all functions within the free plan, we mean that — you will have access to absolutely ALL functions without any limitations to what you can do. Pretty cool, yeah? There are no meaningful restrictions. Except, of course, recording in 20 minutes, but this is enough to ensure that our program works correctly. I mean, it’s the best way to get you more than you can get.

What can I test on the free MyOwnConference webinar plan?

Most webinars cut the number of functions in their test accounts or the time of use in one way or another. But we went the other way and offered a full-fledged free test account for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Here are the main features available to each user:

Free lifelong use

  • ✓ 20 attendees
  • ✓ 3 cameras in a webinar
  • ✓ Storage: 500 Mb
  • ✓ Recording quality: SD, HD
  • ✓ Recording: up to 20 minutes

Creating a Webinar and Inviting Attendees

  • Scheduling a webinar ✓
  • Creating a webinar series ✓
  • Moderators invitation ✓
  • Importing and exporting attendee lists ✓
  • Landing page mode ✓
  • Sending email invitations ✓
  • Instant meeting rooms ✓

Webinar Design Tools

  • Customizing registration forms ✓
  • Choosing a layout and foreground color ✓
  • Adding a logo ✓
  • Adding a banner ✓
  • Positioning the webcam ✓

Hosting a Webinar

  • Configuring webcam and microphone broadcasts ✓
  • Video conferencing mode settings ✓
  • Simultaneous webinars ✓
  • Webinar recording ✓
  • Adding webinar breaks full-screen mode ✓

Interactive Webinar Tools

  • Polls ✓
  • Tests ✓
  • Chat ✓
  • Call to action ✓
  • Whiteboard ✓
  • Screen sharing ✓
  • Keynote sharing ✓
  • Video & audio sharing ✓
  • Managing Attendees
  • Paid webinars ✓
  • Blocking attendees from a webinar ✓
  • Virtual attendees ✓
  • Sending private messages to the moderator ✓
  • Additional seats ✓
  • Moderating chat during the webinar ✓

Statistics and reports

  • Chat history report ✓
  • Entry and exit history report ✓
  • Attendee geographical location report ✓
  • Webinar analytics ✓
  • Google Analytics integration ✓

We know these may be overwhelming, but you’re special to us, and we hold you in high regard. But that’s not all — you can even try the API for webinars for free.

Unlimited free account for webinars and video conferencing without any limits.

Usually, when you click on a button like “Try it for free,” you are told that your test plan will be valid until a certain date. In the case of other webinar services, the interval is from 7 to 30 days. But there is no such limitation in MyOwnConference. So your free plan can serve you for years. But on one condition — you actively use it. Once again, for free!

Why are we doing this?

We love our clients and value their trust. But we also know that to gain trust and loyalty, the user must be convinced of the high quality of our services. And without a full-fledged test, this would not be easy; that’s why we’ve picked you to help us with this. We believe we can always trust you to help us decide.

Is it straight all-all for free?

In our webinar service, the free plan is very advanced but not for everyone. The free plan is ideal for small, non-commercial, and test events. We warn about the non-commercial use of the free plan in our policy of use. (But we do not prohibit such events as part of testing). And for webinars from 20 participants or those cases when you need to keep a long recording in high quality, you need to choose one of the paid plans.

Differences between paid and free plans for hosting webinars

While you can use all the features, some are limited. We know you want us to make this entirely free, but we can’t always have everything we want, can we?

  • No more than 20 minutes of recording one webinar.
  • No more than 20 participants at the same time at events.
  • No more than 20 subscribers when importing.
  • 500 MB of space for files.
  • 3 cameras simultaneously. But each participant can speak in turn.
  • Recording quality: SD, HD.

When does the free plan end?

As we said, you can host webinars for free for years. But if you do not log into your account within six months, it will be deleted automatically. Simply, when the webinars become relevant to you again, register with us again.

Do I have to register again to upgrade to a paid plan?

No, you don’t need to create a new account. Not only that, you can always switch back to the free plan or buy one-day packages when needed, so you don’t have to stop enjoying this amazing benefit.

One day plan

And if everything suits me, do you only occasionally have a bigger meeting?

For such cases, we have created one-day tariff plans, prices for which start from 10 euros. You can read more about one-time webinar plans in the article One-time webinar or How to organize a one-time online event without overpaying?

What does the situation with technical support look like at a webinar if you use a free plan?

Even though you host webinars for free, our technical support department will provide all the assistance you need. If you have any questions, write to us in the chat, send an email, or call. Our customer care service providers will be glad to speak to you about how we can improve our services. You can find all contact information here.

We believe you can now see that our free webinar plan is the best. Therefore, if you are planning to conduct online lessons, webinars, or video conferences, do not delay — register in the MyOwnConference webinar service and see the quality of our services. Welcome to a world of immense possibilities- for FREE!

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