How to Host an Impromptu Webinar or Go Live In 30 Seconds

Go live in 30 seconds

30 seconds. That’s roughly how long it takes to create an account on MyOwnConference and create your first webinar or live stream on the platform. Okay, it might take 40 seconds if you type with one finger. Or 10 if you are a pro and really want to write an article with the title “Webinar in 10 Seconds.”

How about we take a little test drive and check the actual numbers? Let’s see just how realistic it is to organize a webinar in 30 seconds.

The first step to organizing a webinar in 30 seconds

Go to the website and click on the button “Host a meeting.”

Elapsed time: 4 seconds (unless the browser is slower than a herd of snails travelling through peanut butter).

Start page

The second step is the longest

You will be redirected to a quick registration window after clicking on the “Host a meeting” button.

Registration page

Enter your details: your email address and name.

Be sure to check the box that states “By signing up, I agree to the user agreements.” We hope you actually read the agreements earlier. Otherwise, our little experiment may be considered a failure. For reference, the average time to read an agreement is 6 minutes. You definitely do not have that time now. 

Next, click the “Done” button.

Elapsed time: 15 seconds.

Step three – You’re getting closer to the webinar room 

Go to your mail, there should be a letter from MyOwnConference with the subject “Registration for a free package.”

Registration email

This letter contains your registration information. However, at this point, you should only be interested in the big blue button “Sign in to dashboard.” Quickly click on it to get to the webinar platform.

Elapsed time: 6 seconds (you’re doing well).

Step four – It’s almost webinar time

You are now in your personal account, where you can manage participants, schedule meetings, and invite hosts. For example, if you’ve used a tool like InviteMember to create a community on Telegram, you can set up dedicated webinars for that particular audience and ensure the level of participation and interest is high. You can apply the same approach to other platforms where your business is present. In a nutshell, organize all your webinar business. But we will leave these tasks for later. For now, you should pay attention to the dots on the right-hand corner of the screen and click the “Open” button.

Open button

Elapsed time: 1 second (phew! Amazing, right?).

Step five – Start broadcasting in 30 seconds

Boom! You’re officially in the webinar room. All that’s left is to click on the “Speak” button and allow the browser to use the camera and microphone.

Start speaking

Here’s how to do it in Chrome. Also, we wrote about other browsers in our Video and Audio Guide.

Browser permission

Elapsed time: 2 seconds.

That’s it – you are on air. As you can see, everything took very little time. Literally 30 seconds.

Step six – Now, where are the webinar participants?

You have turned on your camera, got your microphone ready, and perhaps taken two deep breaths, but in order to call this broadcast a webinar, you need to invite participants.

Again, no hassle. To invite participants to the webinar, just copy the link in the address bar and share it in any convenient way. For example, send it via Viber, Telegram or any social network.

Copy the link

Elapsed time: 2 seconds.

With just 6 steps, a few clicks and typed words, you’ve successfully begun your very own webinar in just 30 seconds on MyOwnConference.

You can learn more about hosting and setting up a webinar from our instructions.

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Oh, but there’s more. The good news is that MyOwnConference isn’t just about organizing an online lesson or webinar quickly and easily. You can test the platform for an unlimited time and hold meetings for 20 participants absolutely free of charge. And when you decide to do more events, you will increase your webinar room up to 10,000 seats in 5 minutes. Pretty sweet deal!

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