How to create a presentation using artificial intelligence

How to Create a Presentation Using Artificial Intelligence?

Wearing the professional hat of a business leader, you know the power of webinars in putting your ideas across to the audience. Whether it comes to marketing, knowledge sharing, or educating your clients, eLearning has no alternative! But have you considered the tremendous potential of artificial intelligence in creating presentations for these webinars?

Webinars for eLearning and training purposes

A webinar is a video conference involving a virtual video presentation. It takes place over the internet, and these online conferences go a long way in fostering engagement and interaction with your audience. AI-powered webinars have significantly leveraged the eLearning industry. This format of knowledge sharing or training has also penetrated the global business space rapidly.

So, whether you want to train your clients on using a new product, promote your business, or simply connect to your associates, webinars continue to be an effective tool.

Business owners habitually look out for communication channels to build credibility and trust. Webinars empower entrepreneurs and business leaders to share their knowledge. No wonder why successful business leaders trust webinars for building authority.

Conceptualizing ideas to put across through a webinar is easy. However, if you plan to create visually appealing templates or draft the script, or logically connect your ideas to ensure they flow smoothly to the other end you should use something special. In the end, you would expect your webinar to be engaging and informative and the slides to be visually enticing. That’s where successful business owners have been harvesting the potential of AI!

Top webinar statistics business owners should check

  • As much as 73% of B2B sales leaders and marketers count on webinars for lead generation.
  • Among marketing professionals, 57% host around 50 webinars each year.
  • Almost 95% of marketers consider webinars crucial to boost marketing efforts.
  • Ranging from loyal customers to unaware prospects, 60% of webinars target the overall lifecycle of customers.

Given that AI has already demonstrated its potential to answer chats, design websites, and write blogs, it’s time to explore intelligent ways to craft presentations for webinars using AI. Why not count on artificial intelligence to save time while crafting visually appealing presentations?

5 easy steps to create webinar presentations using AI

1. Create the outline for your webinar

The first step in creating a powerful webinar presentation is to frame the outline. This outline defines the depth and comprehensiveness of the webinar. Also, the outline should revolve around the content of your webinar.

Intelligent tools like Surfer SEO and Frase are handy right from the initial stage. Using AI tools, you can speed up the outline ideation process rapidly. Rather than counting on human intelligence to brainstorm ideas, using AI to conceptualize the basic framework saves time. This way, you can organize your thoughts and draft the outline around the projected ideas.

Naturally, business owners benefit from these winning ideas and craft the webinar theme accordingly.

2. Customize the templates for your slides

Choosing a template for presenting your webinar turns out to be challenging. What’s more intimidating is the scope of narrowing down your options when you have hundreds of templates. However, AI-backed tools such as Canva streamline this process significantly.

As a business owner, you want to incorporate your branding elements, such as specific colors or fonts, in the template. You can customize these templates using AI-backed presentation tools, upholding your branding priorities.

It just takes seconds to tailor a presentation template that resonates with your brand! Thanks to AI, you need not sift through the massive library of images and customize your template. One can choose from multiple options while choosing the templates for each slide. Besides, you have the scope to design your brand’s template using AI tools right from scratch.

3. Use AI-generated content in presentations

Now that AI has helped you draft the outline and your templates are ready, it’s time to populate each slide. AI content generation tools, such as ChatGPT and Jasper, have already proven effective in creating engaging content.

Simply input the basic outline with insights on what you wish to present in one of the AI-content generation tools. The intelligent software will need some basic details, like who you are addressing and the outline.

It all works like magic! First, your AI content generation tool will populate each template in seconds. Then, of course, you can modify AI-generated content, chipping in with your human intelligence. However, artificial intelligence significantly simplifies the task and saves you hours!

4. Count on AI-driven analytics

Why not use AI to present industry insights and statistical figures that authenticate your presentation? Big data and data analytics are much older than AI-backed content generators. Whether you host a webinar to tap fresh clients or discuss prospects with your existing clientele, use the power of AI-driven analytics.

Successful eCommerce business owners deploy advanced analytics tools to gather relevant statistical data. For instance, sales data from large-scale eCommerce platforms such as Ubuy Poland can be compiled into visually appealing charts and graphs using AI tools. Using statistics is a scientific approach to demonstrate crucial points. Besides, these figures add to the analytical depth of the webinars.

5. Use AI for image generation or animation

Are you aware of sophisticated AI tools capable of creating original images based on text descriptions? Well, it’s time to bank on the power of AI to make your slides and presentations even more compelling!

Advanced AI tools can translate words or descriptions into images in seconds. Use the voice-to-text feature to describe what you want the image to look like, and AI will do what is needed.

Be it graphics, images, or animation, business leaders can now harvest the power of AI to come up with captivating visuals. Then, contextualize these visual elements into your slides and incorporate the same with AI-generated content for the best purposes. This way, you can develop the next-level webinar to leverage your business.

End Note

Thanks to AI apps’ creative insights and innovation, creating presentations for your webinar wouldn’t take hours. Walking in the entrepreneurial shoes, you’d value productivity, right?

Save time by leveraging the power of AI while creating contextual and visually appealing presentations. With original ideas and statistic-rich insights, professional slides will authentically convey your ideas! The next time you decide to host a webinar, don’t forget to try out the intelligent approach and intensify its impact.

How does AI save time when creating presentations?

Using AI tools, you can speed up the outline ideation process rapidly. You can customize templates using AI-backed presentation tools, upholding your branding priorities. Also, AI-based tools can help you to make your content more interesting and avoid grammar mistakes. You can try all AI tools to find the best for yourself.

What are the main steps for presentation creation with AI tools?

Customize the templates for your slides, and use AI-generated content for presentations. Also, you can count on AI-driven analytics tools. Of course, use AI for image generation or animation.

Fahad Khan

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