5 Ways to Increase Number of Webinar Registrations

webinar registration

The commercial success of a webinar depends largely on the number of attendees having visited it. In the continuous stream of webinars, trainings and workshops merely offering useful content are not enough to attract registrations. Moreover, according to a research of the company Smart Insights, only about 36% of registered visitors attend the webinar. This means practically every webinar presenter needs a thought-out strategy allowing attraction of attendees to one’s online events continuously.

Intriguing Name

Webinar name should arise curiosity and wish to learn details. Compare the headlines: “Microsoft PowerPoint for information visualization” and “Death from PowerPoint: 13 suggestions on mind-blowing slides”. The latter variant is definitely more attractive and can draw the attention of even the least interested audience.

Here are some more intriguing names: “Panda style or creating your dream job”, or “Driving the audience away in 60 seconds. Non-orator art”.

Selecting Right Day

According to the statistics, webinars held on Tuesday and Wednesday are most visited. Trusday and Friday make most people not willing to perceive new knowledge and skills. As for the weekends, usually, they have some more important stuff to do than attending webinars.

webinar day

Yet, every rule has got exceptions. So, in order to understand the say of the week that would be most appropriate for your webinar broadcasting should be organized on different days with event efficiency comparative analysis.

Special Landing Page

Webinar landing page is a webpage containing main information on product or service that is driving a user to target action (registration, purchase etc.). Correctly designed landing pages show pretty high conversion. Notwithstanding this, not all webinar presenters use landing pages for webinar promotion.

Landing page shall contain answers to users’ main questions about the webinar: “What is it about? Who’s presenting? When is it held? Why should it be visited? How much is it?” and other similar questions. Visitors need to understand what their profit is in case of visiting the webinar.

landing page

Special attention should be paid to a registration form. It should be maximum simple, and it could be perfect if it required only name and email. More information about the visitors could be received during the webinar with the help of built-in chat, polls and surveys.

Call for an action is a must for a landing page. Yet, the best practice is to avoid the usual “register” or “visit the webinar”. Calls for actions could be used that are directly connected with the webinar topic, like “become the best copyrighter” “increase conversion twice”. Creating landing pages is possible with the help of special services.

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Never Put off Promotion

To gain best results start spreading information about the webinar at least two weeks before the chosen date. Also, do not forget to setup the mail chain that person will be receiving after registration. Continuous reminders about the event will increase the number of visitors coming to your webinar.


Use Social Media

Placing news about the upcoming webinars on your Facebook or Twitter is yet another way of attracting potential attendees. Publications are a perfect fit for the provision of more detailed information to your subscribers.

facebook post

Effective use of these suggestions could help you increase the number of registrations for your very next webinar.



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