8 Tricks to Attract more Visitors to Your Webinar


A lot of organizers of online conferences are well aware of the situation when their webinar event is visited twice less as the number of the registered attendees. Based on its research, Adobe offers even more pessimistic figures, showing that only 30-40% of the registered people finally visit the webinar. But you can increase webinar attendance.

Reasons to this can be different ranging from forgetting, changing one’s mind to opening the email with a webinar link too late.

So, now we will try to get things clear concerning ways to motivate visitors to come to your next webinar and increase webinar attendance.

1. Offer your visitors to add the webinar to their to-do lists and calendars

Time management and planning is a necessity for any modern person. That is why do not forget to remind your users put the webinar into their to-do lists. For instance, at filling out the registration form a user could be offered to put the webinar into its Google Calendar or into Outlook. Such method is used by TimePad.

2. Make recording webinars a paid service

This is the way some companies, e.g. Zillion, follow. As a rule, they organize free webinars. Yet, to watch the recorded webinar one will have to pay. This method is great for motivating users to never miss the webinars interesting for them.

3. Webinar reminder emails

People do forget. Your task is to remind them of your webinar. In fact, the simplest and the most spread way to do this is sending an email. It is better to send emails with links to the webinar room twice on the day of the event. This is going to increase the chance users see the email in time and visit the webinar thus increasing webinar attendance. It is up to you to decide on the time interval to be used, be it 2 hours, 1 hour, 30 minutes or 15 minutes.

4. SMS distribution or reminder calls

Access to emails is far from being available all the time long. But this is not true when speaking about mobile phones, which are generally held nearby in most cases. That is why using it could be a good idea. Especially taking into account efficiency of this method is higher than the one of the traditional email distribution.

Unfortunately, an evident inconvenience is asking your users for their phone numbers during the registration process, and this is what users are usually reluctant to provide.

Cost of SMS distribution and phone calls will depend on a number of phone numbers. This method is not cheap, that is why its effectiveness and payback should definitely be measured.

For example, Marketo offers webinar reminders by means of phone calls.

5. Drawings at webinars

Drawings are remarkable for attracting more attention, and this is the nature of people. That is why a webinar with a drawing to be held will be visited by a far larger amount of attendees.

When choosing prizes, those shall be taken into account, which corresponds to the interests of your audience or the author’s sphere of activities. This way you will be able to decrease the number of “prize catchers” at the webinar, i.e. people visiting your event only for the sake of the prize. Books, tickets to conferences, free consultations etc. are great for turning them into a prize at a drawing.

6. Additional discounts and presents for participants only

Let your users know that having visited the webinar they will gain access to important information. For example, that could be a promo code for a discount, an e-book, video, checklist or anything else available only to webinar participants.

Mersibo issues certificates and presents only to those having visited the webinar. It makes sense.

7. Putting questions to speakers beforehand

Give your users a chance to ask the speaker questions before the webinar, e.g. via email or Facebook. Yet, do not forget to indicate answers will be announced only during the webinar. This is why users will have an additional stimulus for participation in the webinar.

8.  Add intrigue

Attention to offline conferences is sometimes enforced by using the words “secret speaker”, “bonus topic” etc. Do you want to add a bit of intrigue into event announcement as well? Tell people your webinar will be visited by a mysterious guest or the event will offer a secret technique.

The afore-mentioned Zillion added intrigue into the webinar name — “Secret checklist of a speaker”, as well as into its announcement.


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