9 Popular Topics for Webinars

webinar topic

Selecting the topic of a future webinar could be a nightmare for a starting presenter: one would need to have good knowledge of it, one should like it, and the topic should be marketable. We have prepared 9 trendy topics that are discussed, visited and bought most often.

Personal finance management

finance management

Putting it in other words, the topic of money is exciting with no regard to gender, social status or place of living. Everyone would love to earn more and be more reasonable when spending one’s income. This topic is great due to its complexity — it can embrace webinars on subtopics ranging from saving family budget and up to Forex trading.


Info business and online shops are the most encountered topics at business webinars. Though problems of offline business can be successfully discussed at webinars as well.


This one is a logical continuation of the previous topic. Sales are the grounds and the essence of any business. Entrepreneurs are ready to pay for effective and efficient methods for sales volume increase.

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Today, business is migrating online actively. That is why owners and marketers get numerous questions on ways of promotion best to use, how online advertisement works, how to increase website effectiveness and much more.

Interpersonal relations

Interest towards interpersonal relations has been shown for as long as society exists. Yet, now these topics are not less urgent. Getting married successfully, building a harmonic family, solving conflicts constructively – these are the topic gathering hundreds of participants every day.

Personal growth

Lots of people have realized long ago that the best investments they can make are those into themselves. That is why they are eager to study and progress. Time management, productivity, memory improvement, motivation, target setting, positive thinking — this list is far from being a full one of topics webinars could be devoted to.

Design and technologies


Webinars could cover specialized topics (e.g. website development or 3D technologies), or even more down-to-earth variants like making an effective presentation, working with Adobe Photoshop, things to notice when choosing a computer, etc.

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Foreign languages

At the times of globalization we live in, knowledge of one or even two foreign languages is a must. Yet, people do not always have time and possibility to visit educational courses or take classes from private teachers. In this case, webinars are irreplaceable. So, if you possess a good command of any foreign language and teaching skills, feel free to choose this topic for your webinars.


Healthy eating, diets, vegetarianism, yoga, meditations — as healthy lifestyle gets into fashion, these popular webinar topics become more and more visited.

Whatever topic you choose, the main thing is thorough preparation and details work on the stages of webinar organization.


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