Microlearning. Is it Worth Messing with it?


Microlearning has become an absolute trend in e-learning. But why do we still speak about it as the main trend in online education, why is there so much buzz around microlearning and is it worth spending time on creating such classes at all?

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You’ve Held Your Webinar. 7 Ideas what to Do Next

do more after webinar

So, you have just held your webinar. Your preparation has been great, and you have taken into account all tips and tricks; you were a super start during your presentation and the audience was astonished. Congrats! It looks like it’s high time to have some rest, yeah? No way!

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5 Reasons to Study Online

Online learning offers a wealth of opportunities today. In the past, some stigma was attached to online learning. People believed that an online degree or certificate was not worth as much as one obtained from a real college or university. With many very reputable institutions offering online learning, online degrees now hold real value.

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