Choosing Webinar Date. What Is the Best Time for a Webinar?


Researches prove that webinars held on Mondays and Fridays are less visited than those held on other days of the week. Other polls state that attendance is low on Tuesdays. At MyOwnConference, we are sure that people will attend your webinar even on Friday night in case they see its point. Yet, having studied the researches we arrived at our own conclusions.

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FAQ: Webinar Recording on MyOwnConference

webinar recording

Most of the webinar moderators use the webinar recording function. They send files with broadcast to attendees, review it, use as video classes and sell. No wonder webinar organizers do get questions on making quality recordings fitting their aims.

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10 Reasons to Hold Webinars this Fall


Fall is a traditional season to start learning. But not only schoolchildren and students start doing this. Grown-ups become active when it comes to attending courses, training, and seminars. Why not use this time for holding webinars? Further, we offer 10 arguments supporting holding online seminars this fall.

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7 Mistakes of Webinar Presenters and Ways of Avoiding Them


Webinars have long ago become an effective channel for the promotion of numerous products and services. Yet, along with successful webinars there exist lots of online seminars, the results of which are far from what has been expected. In this article, 7 most widely spread webinar mistakes will be considered and the best ways of solving them will be offered.

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