The Best GoToMeeting Alternatives in 2020

Best GoToMeeting Alternatives

Despite being a pretty popular and neat video conferencing platform, GoToMeeting is definitely not the be-all and end-all of the industry. There are plenty of other fantastic services that pose serious competition to the established name in 2020.

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7 Sources for Generating Webinar Topic Ideas [Practical Guide]

webinar topic ideas

Webinars are an extremely efficient way to engage new prospects and existing customers. You might have attended or even hosted webinars that gather tons of attendees and spark interesting insightful discussions.

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Useful Tools for Distance Learning

tools for distance learning

If you teach, hold presentations, or are engaged in tutoring, you are most likely aware that using webinar software for online courses can hold virtually any meeting online. In this article, we will talk about the most useful tool for distance learning: platforms for creating courses and holding classes, video and keynote software, apps for keeping discipline and motivation high, as well as with whiteboards and file storage options.

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