Holding an automated webinar




Automated webinars are and effective marketing instrument in information business.

Automated webinars have become popular due to the advantages they offer.

  1. Considerable time saving. No need to hold the same webinar for several times.
  2. Comfort for users. As automated webinars can be held every day and several times a day, it will be easier for the attendees to choose time that would be the most suiting one for participation in the webinar.
  3. It helps increasing the client base. As a rule, participation in automated webinars is free, and this attracts users.
  4. They secure constant income. When you work on creating new products with no time for holding webinars, namely automated webinars will support your sales.


In this manual we will tell you how to create and set up an automated webinar on your own.


Creating an automated webinar

Automated webinars is a technology of automated holding of the event with no direct participation of a presenter. Automated webinars are set up as a series of events. They can be created in the dashboard using the section My Auto Webinars.


Note! Number of automated webinars depends on the number of webinar rooms available for the account, i.e. you can create only one automated webinar for one room.


To create an automated webinar, do the following:

  1. In the section My Auto Webinars, press “Add a new auto webinar” button.
  2. In the popup window’s section “Schedule”, select the webinar room that the automated webinar will be held in. To achieve this, click the dropdown list next to the field “Webinar room”. For accounts with only one webinar room this parameter is not available.

    For packages with several rooms, it is possible to add the webinar room you would like your webinar to run in. For this, press “Add a new webinar” button in “My Webinars” section.

  3. Select the presenter, from which the webinar will run. You can select only the presenter that is attached to the present webinar room. During the webinar the presenter’s account cannot be used for entering any other webinar room.
  4. Indicate the presenter’s country. If you do not set this parameter, the system will automatically substitute it with the flag of the country, from which the latest login to the webinar room was made.
  5. Select the time zone. Automated webinar start time will be calculated according to your time zone. Default time zone corresponds to your time zone. Time zone shall be taken into account when creating an automated webinar. After saving the preferences it is saved, too, and time will be calculated according to the time zone set.
  6. Adjust the schedule. Automated webinars can run daily, on certain days of the week or month, or on a certain day. They can be held several times a day, too. If you would like to remove the time preset, press the button X to the right from the time period to be removed.

    N.B.! Plan timing of your automated webinars and live webinars that run in the same webinar room. If the time for both events coincides, your live webinar will get the events of your automated webinar and you will not be able to influence their flow.

    In case you would like to host a live webinar instead of an automated webinar, you need to disable the automated webinar in due time by pressing the button “active” in the section “My Auto Webinars”. Webinar status will change to “not active”.

  7. On the tab “Webcam”, select the video to be demonstrated as broadcasting from the presenter’s webcam. Video shall be uploaded to the section Video & Audio in advance. You can add several videos and separate them with pauses if needed.
  8. Set up the events that will take place in the webinar room during the automated webinar. Every event requires its trigger time. Trigger time for every event is calculated from the webinar start. You will find all events that you add in the events list. 

Moreover, you can use the recording of a previously held live webinar that can serve as a basis for an automated webinar.


Events at automated webinars

In order to add events to automated webinars and set the time they will be triggered at, open the tab “Events” in the automated webinar settings. From the dropdown list, select the event and set the time it should be triggered on. Next, press the button “Add”. The new event will appear in the list of events.

List of available events:

Start slide presentation starts demonstration of a keynote or any other document to the attendees. When selecting the event, you will need to choose the slide number and the required document from the list.

Stop slide presentation stops keynote demonstration.

Start video playback starts video demonstration. To add new files, upload them using the section “Video & Audio”.

Stop video playback stops video file demonstration.

Send message to the text chat allows adding text to be written from the webinar presenter’s name in the chat during automated webinars.

Send a file to attendees sends the file you selected to the automated webinar attendees. To activate this event, select a file that has been previously uploaded to the section “Shared files”.

Enable full screen mode enters full screen demonstration of the keynote or video.

Disable full screen mode stops the full screen mode for the webinar room.

Block links in chat will not allow attendees to add links to the chat during the event.

Unblock links in chat allows users to place links in the text chat during webinars.

Lock the text chat block user interaction with the chat.

Unlock the text chat allows users to type in the chat.

To delete an event from the list, press the button Х to the right from the event name.

You can edit both order of events and events themselves. To do so, select the required event in the list. Change the time in the “Event triggered in” setting in order to move it through the list. To substitute demonstration of one slide or video file with another one, choose the necessary file from the dropdown list. Add bots, i.e. fictional attendees, for automated webinars if necessary.

N.B.! You can introduce changes to your automated webinar not later than 15 minutes before its start. Otherwise, new changes will not get activated and the automated webinar will run with the parameters previously set.



The automated webinar settings offer you a possibility to increase the number of attendees using bots, i.e. attendees created by software. Due to this, even when only several attendees come to the automated webinar, they will feel as if they are part of a large group. Bots do not occupy attendees’ places at your webinars.

To add bots:

  1. Tick “Use bots” in the section “Attendees” of the automated webinar settings.
  2. Select simple or advanced name generator in the appearing menu.
  3. In simple name generator, select names of attendees (Russian, American or Russian and American), gender (men, women or men and women) and set the number of names.  In advanced name generator, indicate the percentage of Russian and American names, men or women, names in the format “first name only” or “first name and last name”, select countries from the list and the number of names.
  4. Press the button “Generate”.
  5. If necessary, delete names you are not happy with by pressing the cross next to the name. You can also change any name from the list. To do so, click the bot twice and make changes.
  6. Press the button “Save” to persist changes in the automated webinars settings.

After this, the newly created automated webinar will have the time of its nearest start next to it.

Bots will enter the webinar room and leave it gradually.

After the automated webinar is over, all settings of the webinar room will revert to their initial pre-webinar state.

You can add bots to the live webinar using automated webinar settings. To achieve this, set the time of an automated webinar that would coincide with the planned time of the live webinar. Add bots and make sure no other events are planned for the automated webinar.


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