The Best 10 Presentation Software in 2020

presentation creation

In this article, we have gathered popular presentation software and compared them with their key features. We hope that the presented information will help you choose the best service with no additional time lost.

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What Tool to Use to Create a Perfect Presentation?

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At least once in a lifetime, each of us has to or will have to create and perform a presentation to the audience. And it doesn’t matter: whether you are a schoolboy, student, teacher or office worker, you must certainly have even the most elementary skills and knowledge of presenting visualized information. The rest will be done for you by specially developed programs and tools.

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Screen Sharing Software for 2020

desctop sharing

Screen sharing software is a useful tool allowing for broadcasting the picture from your computer desktop to other users in real-time. It offers a possibility to demonstrate photos, tables, files and software operation, generally anything happening on your desktop during the broadcast.

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The Best Webinar Software for Small Business

webinar software

Today in 2020, you can find a wide range of different webinar software for small business. All of them offer versatile features that make your webinars effective. The only difficult thing is to choose the right service that will satisfy all your small business needs for your particular purpose and event.

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PowerPoint vs. Keynote vs. Google Slides


When you are working on your business presentation, you want to make sure that everything is simply perfect. However, many people, and you are not an exception, concentrate on such things as speech, performance style, and even dress code, which is actually the right thing to do. But thinking about all these things, you might forget about one tiny, yet extremely important detail, which is your actual presentation.

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