The Best 10 Presentation Software in 2020

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In this article, we have gathered popular presentation software and compared them with their key features. We hope that the presented information will help you choose the best service with no additional time lost.


Price: free use is possible, but templates or pictures with no Free sign shall be paid $1 unless you pay $9.95 one-month subscription fee.

Canva’s advantages include:

  • Simple use. Use Canva as a construction kit: combine fonts, photos, icons, and diagrams in one presentation.
  • Out of all services presented in this review, Canva offers the largest number of templates.
  • Modern templates reflecting the latest design tendencies.


  • Practically no standard templates.
  • You cannot change the image size.

General impression: If you want to create a nice presentation, this presentation software is your choice. With the help of this service, you can create slides that look modern and beautiful. Canva is convenient and pleasant to use.



Price: from $3 to $59 monthly.

Prezi advantages:

  • Collaborative work on presentation available.
  • Software is available offline, too.
  • Slides from PowerPoint can be uploaded and further processed here.

Prezi disadvantages:

  • During the registration for a trial package, payment information is required.
  • Created presentations take much disk space.

General impression:
In Prezi, work is done not on the separate slide but on the whole work zone, where you can put elements (pictures, texts, icons and videos) as you wish to. After you get some kind of construction, you can make a separate slide out of it and set the way of transition to other slides.



Price: free

Keynote advantages:

  • 30 beautiful themes created by designers from Apple.
  • Possibility to take ready styles for text or use your own settings for designing slides.
  • Synchronization with all your Apple devices: you create your presentation on one device, and it automatically appears on the rest of them.

Keynote disadvantages:

  • Only for Mac, iPad, iPhone or iPod users.

General impression: Keynote contains everything necessary for creating a solid presentation. Creating slides is equally easy using your computer, tablet or smartphone. It is a perfect solution for Apple users.


Haiku Deck

Price: from $9.99 to $29.9 billed annually.

Some advantages of Haiku Deck:

  • Maximum intuitive interface.
  • Numerous nice templates and over 35 million of stock photos.
  • The service works fast. When you open the editor, you can immediately draft headlines, pictures and texts to your slides.


  • Even if you want to use the trial period, you need to indicate your credit card details when registering.
  • Limited possibility of changing or adjusting slides.

General impression: this presentation software allows for creating elegant and minimalistic presentations. Notwithstanding its simplicity, Haiku Deck contains all necessary functions and the richest library of templates, pictures and diagrams.

haiku deck


Price: free with limited features. The full set of features is available starting from $99 yearly or at $49 of the one-time payment.

SlideDog advantages:

  • The app allows for creating interesting presentations that can contain video pictures, web pages, text or Excel files in addition to the slides themselves.
  • Possibility to demonstrate your presentation to colleagues or partners.

SlideDog disadvantages:

  • You should install the application on your computer.
  • Only Windows is supported.

General impression: The app differs from the familiar PowerPoint or Google Slides. Here, you upload different types of files (pictures, videos, presentations) and make a playlist out of them. This is what will make your presentation. The software is easy to master. One of SlideDog’s features is free to use of paid tools during 15 minutes per visit.



Price: from $5 to $20 monthly. Free use of service is possible, but all presentations created will be available for public viewing and use.


  • Pop-up windows with explanations will help you get acquainted with the service faster.
  • A large set of tools for presentation editing.


  • Poor selection of templates.
  • Getting acquainted with the service takes more time when compared to, let’s say, Canva or Prezi.
  • No mobile version.

General impression: the work with this presentation software is done online, with no local installation. The Slides’ Interface is complicated and takes time to be mastered, though it contains the whole range of basic tools for creating presentations.



Price: from $8 to $149. There is a free plan.

Advantages of Slidebean include:

  • Online support.
  • Very easy to use: you add text and pictures, while the software transforms this into a slide.
  • Works on any devices.

Slidebean disadvantages:

  • Long template loading.
  • Limited possibility of customizing the service to meet your preferences.

General impression: The peculiarity of Slidebean is a separation of design from content. What you do is messing around with the presentation’s content, while Slidebean takes care of the design. This is very convenient for those who are willing to prepare a nice and neatly designed presentation quickly, with no deep diving into technical stuff. Select your template, add text and pictures for each slide into special fields – and your presentation is ready.



Price: PowerPoint is a part of the Microsoft Office package. It costs from $69.99 to $99.99 per year. Otherwise, you can pay $149.99 once.

PowerPoint advantages:

  • Universal availability: the Office package by Microsoft, which contains PowerPoint, is installed on almost all computers running Windows.
  • Popularity. You must have created something using PowerPoint or at least heard of this app.
  • The significant number of instruments.

PowerPoint disadvantages: Because of the app’s popularity, PowerPoint templates are very recognizable. This is why slides can sometimes look boring and stale.

General impression: PowerPoint is classics among services for presentation preparation. It was created back in 1990. Because of the initial releases’ complexity and clumsiness, the presentations created using it often looked harmless. But lately, PowerPoint has changed. Now, using this app, you can create modern, stylish slides, even if you are no designer at all.

power point

Google Slides

Price: free

Google Slides advantages:

  • Using Google Slides is possible on computers, smartphones and tablets.
  • You can work either online or offline with no live Internet connection.
  • Collaborative work available: create or edit presentations together with your colleagues.

Google Slides disadvantages:

  • To use the service, you need the Gmail account.
  • The app does not contain any templates. You can create different themes changing the slide’s background, as well as the suggested font.
  • No support. You will have to look for answers to your questions online yourself.

General impression: using this presentation software is simple — its interface resembles a standard text editor. Though it does not have templates and its functionality is quite limited, still, you can create a laconic and easy to perceive presentation.

google presentation


Price: from $19 to $89. Free package available.

PowToon advantages:

  • 24/7 online support.
  • A large collection of interesting templates, diagrams, sound effects.
  • Working with software is very simple.

Yet, PowToon has got its disadvantages. For instance, you will not be able to create standard static slides here. The presentation will resemble a video rather than a standard presentation.

General impression: PowToon is intended for preparing animated presentations and videos. Here, you can make an interesting and breath-taking presentation.


So, we have covered 10 presentation software. The services are very diverse in terms of tools, approach to creating presentations, templates, price. We have spoken about the pros and cons of each of them. Now, you choose.

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