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desctop sharing

Desktop sharing is a useful feature allowing for broadcasting the picture from your computer desktop to other users in real time. It offers a possibility to demonstrate photos, tables, files and software operation, generally anything happening on your desktop during the broadcast.

Desktop sharing apps

Online desktop sharing software is irreplaceable in the case when it is easier for you to demonstrate your partner something than telling it over the phone or via online chat. Using this function allows for lowering time and financial expenses on communication, yet get better mutual understanding.

Examples of desktop sharing software:

1. MyOwnConference



  • Desktop sharing for up to 1,000 users simultaneously.
  • Video and sound broadcasting goes along desktop sharing.
  • High connection quality.
  • Numerous additional features: chat, keynote demonstration, webinar recording.
  • Mouse pointer displayed during desktop sharing.
  • Yet, the software cannot demonstrate part of the desktop. It can share only complete desktop.

2. Skype


The popular application for remote communication allows its users to share their desktops with their partners. Notwithstanding its wide popularity, Skype has a number of considerable inconveniences:

  • Both you and your partner need to have Skype installed on one’s computer.
  • You can share your desktop free of charge to one partner only.


join me

Simple application for desktop sharing. Additionally, it supports text chat and file transfer. Among its advantages is a possibility to choose separate windows or applications you would like to demonstrate (available for Pro accounts only).

Unfortunately, this software has its disadvantages as well:

  • A desktop can be shared with the audience of 250 people maximum.
  • High Internet connectivity speed is required.

Using desktop sharing at MyOwnConference

1) Register for free at the website of MyOwnConference.

2)  Enter to webinar room and install special add-on to your computer by pressing the icon corresponding to your operating system.


3) Open the downloaded file by clicking it twice.

Our software has been checked using all antivirus apps and is included in the register of the most reliable software. The process runs quickly and does not require any interaction from your side.

4) Enter the webinar room and press the button “Share desktop”.

To stop sharing your desktop and get back to the ordinary broadcasting mode simply press the button “Finish”. Screen sharing mode will be stopped automatically if you switch to the documents or video demonstration mode.

As you see, screen sharing online is quite easy, yet very useful and irreplaceable means for holding webinars and other online meetings.

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