The Best Webinar Software for Small Business

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Today in 2021, you can find a wide range of different webinar software for small business. All of them offer versatile features that make your webinars effective. The only difficult thing is to choose the right service that will satisfy all your small business needs for your particular purpose and event.

Let’s consider different webinar software for small businesses with their features and benefits.

Webinar Software Platform MyOwnConference

This tool is one of the most impressive ones and gives a wide choice for any event, audience, and purpose. This program gives you a free account for up to 20 attendees. Sign up for free here.

MyOwnConference dashboard

MyOwnConference ensures perfect quality of the connection, stable video and audio broadcasting, as it uses proven European data centers that exclude any system failures and crashes.

You may also not worry about information security due to the perfect data encryption so that any recorded information is completely protected. Also, MyOwnConference is GDPR compliant.

With this software, you can hold a webinar for participants up to 5000 depending on the pricing plan and with one or several presenters.

myownconference pricing

Everyone during the webinar can use the chat for any comments and queries or share documents with others. You can record the webinar, share the screen, show a video and use a whiteboard.

This tool is a really good solution for small business companies.


ClickMeeting has some common features for all similar webinar hosting software: video recording, file sharing, screen sharing, whiteboard, mobile app, etc.

Clickwebinar dashbord

Also, it gives a chance to enjoy such tools as:

  • The waiting webinar room with agenda – in order not to allow your attendees to get bored during the waiting process but let them find out some useful information about your company, products or presenters.
  • Simultaneous chat translation – if your participants are from different countries.
  • A section “Statistics and Reports” that allows seeing the webinar and attendee statistics, thank-you page and performance rating.

This is ClickMeeting pricing:

clickmeeting pricing

This tool has a great feature Add-ons that gives a chance to:

  • Add recording space if your webinar is longer or has more content
  • Join extra attendees if their real number exceeds the planned number
  • Add presenters if their real number exceeds the planned number
  • Add video streams if you need more than four video streams
  • Have parallel sessions in case if you need to have 2 separate webinars that overlap. With this feature, you can run 2 events simultaneously
  • Enjoy multiuser management when you give the participants access to your account and would like to avoid any confusion with the login process.

Add subaccounts when it is necessary for your small business company’s staff to host their own webinars.


AnyMeeting is positioned as easy, reliable and affordable webinar software. It has a range of features, such as 6-way video conferencing, screen sharing, sharing applications, recording the webinar, and one additional option that allows the hosts to charge attendees (via PayPal) to access a webinar.

This tool has 3 pricing plans and two options: free (ad-supported software) and  subscription-based software (no Ads).



ReadyTalk has 3 pricing plans and a chance to try for free or get a demo. This is business-oriented software that allows hosting a webinar with one or several presenters.

It’s more user-friendly, as the rooms are easy to access. For instance, you can use the Outlook plug-in and add the information about the webinar to your invites in just one or two clicks.

With this software, you can enjoy such benefits, as:

  1. Business-driven presentations.
  2. Customized registration pages.
  3. Flexible audio options.
  4. Marketing integrations.
  5. Webinar analytics – before and after it.

You can share an application and your screen, upload and share slides, use annotation tools, raise your hand to ask any questions, record the video.


ON24 gives you a chance to be represented in the system with your own logos, colors, and images preferred by your company. So, you can fully demonstrate the peculiar style of your small business.

Moreover, this webinar hosting software provides over 30 interactive tools that give you more chances to engage your audience, make the webinar even more attractive. They include special tools for presentation, media player, the Q&A widget, transcript (the text of the presentation is displayed simultaneously with the speech), etc.

Also, you can use multiple fonts and sizes, add necessary information pages. Speaker Bio enables to show the key information about the presenter. The Chapter widget enables you to show the contents of your previous webinars. The Test widget allows creating questionnaires for the participants.

Overall, the choice of webinar software for your small business is limitless and each of them has its own advantages and differences from others. Hence, the decision which one perfectly suits your own event should be made based on deep research about these tools and the use of the free trial.

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