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Different online meetings pursue different purposes. Your audience may be just a few people, but it may consist of hundreds of people. Some online presentations imply only speaker’s speech while others may also involve the audience in a collective work on the project.

In all these cases, the requirements for online meeting tools are quite different. In the simplest ones, it’s just enough to see and hear each other while in other cases such advanced tools like drawing, recording, sharing a keyboard and a mouse should be obligatory.

The Internet provides a wide diversity of such resources. Moreover, web developers and programmers do their best to invent more and more attractive programs to make your web meetings even more engaging, impressive and effective.

Tools to Hold an Online Meeting


One of the most versatile programs is MyOwnConference. It’s a high-quality tool for online meetings that offers free account for up to 20 attendees. Its overall style is presentable and trustworthy. The interface of this tool is very easy. It has flexible plans for different size groups with different disk space. If you choose this tool you may be sure that the connection with participants, sound, images and videos will be stable and reliable.

During the presentation speakers and participants may connect to social networks, share their screen and cursor with each other, use drawing tools. The participants have an opportunity to share their ideas through chat that may be moderated. If you want to post the recording of your meeting or conference in social networks in order to increase your popularity you may record it through MyOwnConference. What’s more, if you have any doubts and would like to be sure in the advantages of this tool you may visit open web meetings. You may attend some of the scheduled open conferences on the website in order to try the tool before scheduling your own web meeting.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a platform for conferencing that was created by Google. It allows scheduling meetings, direct messaging, video calls, SMS and VOIP. This tool allows conferences between multiple users. It is possible to use as from a PC, as from iOS or Android. You just need an account on Google. Group calls are possible between 10 users allowing them to send documents, text and video messages.

If you have an Apple device, i. e. iPhone, iPad or Mac, and you just need a quick video or voice conversation, it may be convenient for you to use FaceTime. This tool doesn’t give too many opportunities like drawing or sharing a screen but it’s excellent for an urgent, quick call.


WebEx allows making video meetings for participants up to 200. It ensures a qualitative video and sound, chat and whiteboard, as well as a possibility for screen sharing, sending documents. You may lock the room or join the meeting from Skype, Polycom or other similar services.


Another popular program for online meetings is ZOOM. It gives the whole range of benefits for web conferencing, such as video broadcasting, recording, screen sharing, chat, etc. Zoom allows managing participants, adding new ones, muting and unmuting them, locking the meeting. The platform also provides a free trial for 50 users, several services (Zoom Meetings, Zoom Premium Audio, Zoom Business IM, Zoom Developer Platform, etc.), the feature Gallery view (a possibility to place the videos of all the participants on the screen).

You may make your choice in favour of one of the simplest online meeting tools What’s special about this app is that you don’t need to sign up for joining. It may be used only for a number of participants up to 12. Its features include common things that are usual for such programs (screen sharing, sending documents, etc.).


Choosing GoToMeeting you may choose one of 3 plans for 10, 50 or 100 participants. You may use it free for 14 days. During your online conference, you may share your screen, keyboard and mouse, use drawing tools (if you’ve chosen plans Pro and Plus). You may join from your mobile phone via mobile apps (plans Pro and Plus), record the meeting and have a personal meeting room (Pro and Plus).

With it’s easy to schedule and join the meeting: just by one click. There are a convenient Scheduler and a possibility to create your own link. The interface is simple. You may choose one of the 3 offered plans in accordance with your needs (Free, Pro or Business). During the conference you have a chance to share your screen, use a whiteboard and get any necessary technical guidance 24 hours 5 days a week.

These online meeting tools are only some of the limitless amount of programs and websites existing on the Internet. So, you should make your choice based on your particular needs and purposes of your web meeting.

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