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So much is said and written about the value of webinars in modern business. They are one of the modern common tools for a promotion that help to increase the popularity of companies, products and services. To attract more people to your webinar, you need an extremely effective landing page. In this article, we will discuss some key elements of a webinar landing page and give some tips to increase its efficiency.

Webinar landing page is a simple page that doesn’t provide any special deep information. Generally, its purpose is to sell your webinar attracting an audience to it. It’s an impressive reflection of your style, the value of the information that you’re going to provide.

Actually, there is not any fixed algorithm how to make an effective webinar landing page that will work 100%. But some essential tips will help you increase its efficiency.

1. Impressive title

First and foremost, everything starts from the title. Currently, people are in a constant rush. They don’t have patience. They don’t stop anywhere for a long time. They just quickly read the title and decide whether it’s interesting for them or not. So, your title should not be boring. It should include a call for action and arouse curiosity. In short, It should represent your punch line.


2. Call to action

The information of landing page should include a call to action. You should clearly show what your audience should do. What’s more, in order to encourage them to follow your call to action they should see certain benefits. It would be great to provide a list of benefits. The more they read your list, the more desirable is the attendance of your webinar. Generally, you should solve or help solve any of their problems, or show how they can earn more money. These are issues that touch everyone.

3. Include speaker images

People have more faith in things and people that they see. So, it would be really great if you include a positive, friendly image of the speaker. You even may include a sample of his speech, a short video which will convince them to sign up. Definitely, in this case, you will have more audience in your webinar who will be much more willing to listen and participate.

speaker images

4. Colours and design

As psychologists affirm, colours have an enormous impact on our subconscious mind. It is a well-known fact that some colours arouse appetite, some improve people’s mood, others make them feel depressed. From this point of view, you may highlight some essential information with bright colours. For example, the button “Register” is more likely to be in bright orange or red. You need that people sign up and attend your webinar, thus, this button should attract their attention.


The overall design of the landing page is also essential. It should be simple but with right accents on the most important information. Also, it’s unlikely to overload the page using too many colours. Keep transparency and positivity.

5. No distractions

Webinar landing page should demonstrate your main purpose, so things like header or ads will encourage people to be distracted and to go to another page. Therefore, keep focused and eliminate any distractions.

6. Easy to access on phone

Currently, almost all webinar services can be accessed via phone. Moreover, it becomes more and more common to do it on phone. Hence, it worth to check your landing page on the phone after it has been created.

7. Simple registration form

Make the registration process quick and easy, otherwise, they will not complete it and will go to another service. It is not necessary to force your prospective attendees to fill out 7 forms with complete information about their business, health or interests. Make just 1 form that includes an only brief, essential information.

registration form

8. Participants’ comments and recommendations

Last but not least, basing on the consideration that people more believe others’ recommendations you may devote some part of your landing page to your attendees’ feedback. If they are excited and highly recommend others to participate in your online event people will be willing to be involved in it.

You have several options in the landing page creation: ask a professional to do that, do it yourself or use ready templates that some webinar services provide. For example, MyOwnConference provides 10 templates for free that really simplifies the creation of your own landing pages. Also, there are different services on the Internet that help to create a professional landing page.

A webinar landing page is the face of a webinar. So, it is worth to work it out thoroughly and make it attractive. Just keep in mind your purpose making your webinar landing page. Make everything serve for it. Be honest and positive. Help people find solutions for their problems. And you will attract more visitors in your webinar who move from the landing page to the online event itself.

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