What Tool to Use to Create a Perfect Presentation?

At least once in a lifetime, each of us has to or will have to create and perform a presentation to the audience. And it doesn’t matter: whether you are a schoolboy, student, teacher or office worker, you must certainly have even the most elementary skills and knowledge of presenting visualized information. The rest will be done for you by specially developed programs and tools.

The main task of any presentation is to bring information to the public. A distinctive feature of a “good presentation” is to keep the attention of the audience, generate keen and vivid interest and, if necessary, stimulate discussion.

Successful presentation professionals recommend:

  • information should be presented in a structured way
  • never read text from slides, it bores the audience and you run the risk of quickly losing contact with the public
  • do not use fine print – your ingenious text will remain unread
  • use more visualization techniques – pictures will help diversify content and make your presentation lively – better to see once than to hear five times
  • use an average of 5 colors
  • contrast the background and text
  • no shadows, gradients, or other old-fashioned tricks
  • do not use too much text on the slide
  • highlight important text
  • since the icons and all kinds of graphics speed up the understanding of your message, use them in your presentation, but make sure they are made in the same style
  • and finally – smile, because an upright and good-natured presentation of information helps to establish contact with the audience and achieve your goals

Well, now about the main thing: what programs and tools will help you realize your plan and create such a presentation that will help to establish communication between your organization and its partners and customers.


Everyone knows that PowerPoint is a classic of the genre. Its main advantage is simplicity and accessibility.

Friendly intuitive interface, built-in graphic editor and tool for slideshows, ease of inserting pictures and accompanying text, add-ons to enliven the show, a single presentation file – these are only a small part of all the advantages.

However, the modern world of technology offers us other alternatives of presentation programs.

Google Slides

This is a popular software and available to anyone with a Google Drive account.

google slides

Since it is a cloud-based tool, you can use it to collaborate in real-time and publish slideshows online. Agree, this is very convenient for a teleconference or when your customer base is scattered around the world. Google slides offer a wide range of formatting tools and special effects and works on a PC, Mac or even a mobile device if you have an Internet connection.


For fans of Mac, iPad or iPhone, there is a unique tool – Keynote templates.


It can work together in real-time, too. Its distinctive feature – the Magic Move transition. This function allows you to move your favorite images. Also, great presentation templates are available for you that will save your time and give you a great design to work with.

Haiku Deck

Connoisseurs of minimalism will certainly appreciate Haiku Deck. This is the most simplified resource for quickly creating colorful presentations. The service is worked out just perfectly – you won’t take any extra minutes to get to know it. You simply start the online presentation editor and immediately begin to insert your headings, images and texts on slides. In a word, no snag! The main purpose of Haiku Deck is to help you create presentations of the “picture + text” format, which is sometimes quite sufficient for informative business reports or training programs.

haiku deck

Slide Dog

The next popular service for creating online presentations is SlideDog. This service is unlike any other: it allows you to combine and upload ready-made slides, music, PDF files, web pages and even YouTube videos to a playlist. The online-exchange function allows you to connect about 100 listeners to the conversation at the same time. Great for webinars, online conferences, masterclasses, etc.

slide dog


A large number of interesting solutions for visualizing content by using of media files, vector and other graphics offers a resource Prezi, which is especially popular in Europe. It is rich in themes and templates, a variety of styles with slide transitions and a zoom system (zoom in, turn and move objects). As a bonus, you are offered the opportunity to collaborate on a project by several users at the same time, publish a finished presentation on a blog or website, save a presentation for offline display without using the Internet.



Another prototype of the PowerPoint program for creating rich and attractive presentations, but in the online version is SlideRocket. This multifunctional platform is based like PP on a slide system. The only difference is that the slides made by SlideRocket are brighter, more diverse and more convenient. Its professional pre-paid package includes almost everything you need for a high-quality presentation: audio, video, flash animation, interactive special effects, storing files online, publishing, demonstration via a web-conference, analysis of results, etc. Before buying, you can undoubtedly test its free version, but I must admit that, unfortunately, you will not “feel” all the functionality and capabilities of the application.


If you specialize in creating animated presentations and short videos, then welcome to the world PowToon. You can use this tool to create animated graphs and charts. A free music and style library is at your disposal. A unique selection of its templates is ideal for creating business presentations for projects performing to colleagues and superiors, in the educational field – to grab the attention of your students and pupils, for personal purposes, if you want to surprise your friends.



An excellent opportunity to speak visually offers Visme. With it, you can create not only presentations, but also other types of visual content, including infographics, reports, projections, and more. Share your presentations on the Internet, download them offline, use a lot of ready-made templates, images, icons, fonts or content blocks to create your own design from scratch – everything is accessible, everything is easy.


And for the desert, I suggest you consider one of the most powerful online editors for creating and presenting projects of any complexity – Slides. If your plans include presenting the project in a browser, then by using its service, you can change the HTML markup, as well as make adjustments to the CSS. A significant bonus is that you can export slides in any convenient format, and the presentation can be performed on a computer or mobile device. A nonlinear slide design option is also available. You can be certain that presentations made by Slides are sure to enliven any online event.

Naturally, there are many programs for creating high-quality and authorial presentations, we have reviewed only the most popular. The final choice is yours.

Whatever platform, application or tool you choose for your creation, called a presentation, remember that with the help of quality content, you can overtake competitors, gain the trust of the reader and turn him into a grateful client.

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