Our Top 10 Blog Posts of 2019

We’ve had over 80 new blog posts this year, and in those, we covered a lot. Event promotion strategies, webinar tips, industry news updates, services reviews, public speaking tricks — the list could go on and on. Today we’ve rounded up our top 10 posts of this year. Let’s get started.

Catchy Webinar Title. 10 Ways to Create Webinar Name

A carefully selected webinar name can increase the interest of the visitors to the webinar and influence the number of registrations. In this article, you’ll find ten variants for a catchy webinar name that draws user’s interest most of all.

Choosing Camera and Microphone for a Webinar

What is the best camera and microphone for your webinar? We tried to find suitable variants for different purposes and prices.

35 Tools for Webinar Promotion

Webinars help to find potential clients, increase brand awareness and generate leads. But to get good results, webinars require thorough planning and active promotion. This article offers a list of 35 webinar promotion ways to help you advertise webinars and gather as many registrations as possible.

Webinar Feedback/Satisfaction Survey

Have you ever wondered what the audience thinks of your webinars? Are you absolutely sure your webinars meet your attendees’ needs? If your answer is “I don’t know,” you better ask your audience for feedback. From this post, you’ll learn how to conduct a feedback survey.

How to Promote Your Event on Instagram in 2019

Any time you plan an event – live or virtual – there are several ways you can capitalize on Instagram’s tools to increase event registrations. In this guide, you’ll discover how to promote your event on Instagram.

Are Webinars Dead? The Future of the Webinars

What is the future of webinars? We think that webinars will get shorter in length, become more speaker-oriented and evergreen. In this post, we’ve made some predictions as to where the industry is going based on the current situation.

10 Perfect Webinar Landing Page Examples

A landing page is a powerful method of boosting the number of registrations. In this article, we’ll look over ten exciting landing pages that convert.

Popular Webinar Software 2019

In 2019 you can find a wide range of different webinar software. All of them offer versatile features that make your webinars effective. The only difficult thing is to choose the right service that will satisfy all your needs. In this post, you’ll find the most popular 5 software.

How to Make Webinars More Interactive

The effectiveness of webinars depends on the level of interest from the audience. The main mistake many speakers make is organizing their speech like a lecture where they simply convey information and don’t worry about the engagement of attendees. In the article, you find 11 ideas to make a webinar more interactive.

Is It Better to Do a Webinar or a Podcast?

A webinar or a podcast? The easy answer would be – it depends on what you are looking to accomplish. However, we are not about to let you walk this path alone. In this article, we will illuminate the topic from different angles and help you decide what works best in your case.

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