Money-Making Skills To Learn

7 Money-Making Skills You Can Learn Online and Why You Should

The internet is a superb place to build skills. In fact, online education has become so efficient that 48.1% of people use the internet for research and learning. With this in mind, it’s only natural to consider giving online learning a chance. 

7 Best Money-Making Skills to Learn Online

However, you might find yourself at a crossroads. After all, what are the best skills to learn online? How can they help you achieve your career or financial goals? And why should you spend time perfecting soft skills if they’re not directly contributing to your wealth?

The truth is, only you can decide how much time you dedicate to education. But if you’re thinking about developing some money-making skills, here are the best ones to learn online, along with a few reasons they will be crucial in helping you achieve your career/financial goals.

Web Development

If you’re looking to build money-making skills (which you can learn online and through self-study), look no further than web development.

This isn’t just a superb way to enrich your resume with an in-demand skill — that’s right, every business out there needs a well-made website to reach its target audience. But it’s also an excellent way to invest your time if you think you’ll ever start your own business.

By learning the basics of web development, you’ll free yourself from having to outsource this crucial aspect of running a business. Plus, by knowing what you’re doing, you’ll be able to fully optimize your brand’s online presence, unlocking the path toward high conversion rates.

Digital Marketing

The second skill you can learn online, which can help you make money, is digital marketing. 

It doesn’t matter if you specialize in SEO, PPC, social media, content production, email marketing, affiliate marketing, or analytics. You can rest assured that developing these skills will help you land a job, find extra work, or allow you to grow your own entrepreneurial ventures.

Moreover, offering digital marketing services to a local “boring” business can be an excellent opportunity for those just getting started on their career paths. Doing this allows young marketers to practice their knowledge, earn an income, and build a portfolio that will come in handy if they ever decide to pursue digital marketing as a full-time job.

If you want to go the extra mile, you could acquire some digital marketing certificates. Popular options include Google Ads Certification or the HubSpot Content Marketing Certification Course, which could help you get a more structured learning experience.


Money is losing its value. So, if you want to make more of it, you first must learn how to hold onto what you already have.

By learning about investing, you can ensure you know how to multiply your wealth and create a safety net (especially for your old age). 

Whether you decide to invest in stocks, funds, or real estate is entirely up to you (and your willingness to tolerate risk). But rest assured that understanding how the market works will give you a better handle on your finances. Plus, it might allow you to create a passive income stream that’ll help you pursue your passions while still living comfortably.

Photo/Video/Audio Editing

If you’re looking for a more exciting skill that could help you make money online, try your hand at visual and audio content editing.

Learning to edit photos, videos, or audio is a highly satisfying process, giving you the creative freedom to bring your ideas to reality. But even more importantly (at least from a financial point of view), being a pro at editing can help you land a wide range of full-time, part-time, and freelance jobs. 

It’s also worth knowing that a growing number of content creators are looking for professionals who could support their production process in 2022, as they need to publish more content than ever to engage and retain their audiences.

If you decide to try editing for yourself, your best course of action would be to start with the basics — like learning how to download, create and apply Lightroom presets to achieve a specific visual look and speed up the editing process. Then, you can move on to learning to use more advanced editing software, like Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, or Adobe Audition.

Learning a Second Language

Sure, learning a foreign language won’t automatically make you money. However, there’s a growing number of online learning platforms where you can work on your language skills, making the process more accessible than ever.

By the way, webinar platform MyOwnConference, you can organize such courses by yourself after, or you can make a video conference with native speakers to improve yourself.

And best of all, the benefits of being proficient in any language other than English are well known. For example, it can help you land a dream job, open the doors to better traveling experiences, and enhance your cognitive capabilities. And those are just a few advantages of taking the time to learn a second language.

Creative Thinking

Money Making Skills - Creative Thinking

A research study published by McKinsey in 2021 revealed that 56 foundational skills would help global citizens thrive in the future of work. These were separated into four categories, including cognitive, interpersonal, self-leadership, and digital capabilities.

What’s interesting is that mental flexibility received its entire skill group, including competencies like:

  • Creativity and imagination.
  • Translating knowledge to different contexts.
  • Adopting a different perspective.
  • Adaptability, And;
  • Ability to learn.

In other words, creative and flexible thinking will be an irreplaceable part of finding success in the future.

So, if you’re exploring money-making skills that you can learn online, it’s not a bad idea to set aside some time for experiences that will nurture your mental flexibility. This can mean learning to brainstorm, playing word games (or just exploring new words), or even doing science for fun on a platform like Brilliant.

Productivity & Time Management

Finally, as you explore money-making skills you can learn online, remember that we live in a rapidly moving world. This means that whatever direction you go in, professionally, you’ll likely experience a time when you have to do as much as possible in a limited time frame. If you accomplish this task, the reward will be a huge ROI. But if you fail, you might as well see some serious consequences — especially if the situation in question involves your personal business.

For this reason, it’s not a bad idea to learn as much as you can about productivity and time management.

The great thing is not just that there’s a host of quality resources where you can hone these skills. But even better, you can make this particular learning process a fun experience, especially if you choose to do it via podcasts or YouTube, where experts are happy to share their science and experience-backed insights.

Final Thoughts

Investing in personal development is always an excellent idea. And the beauty of the internet is that it can allow you to learn and perfect skills from the comfort of your home, on your own terms.

So, whether your goal is to master a skill that will help you land a job, invest time into understanding how things work (helping you make better professional or financial decisions). Or want to absorb as much knowledge as possible so you can be a self-sufficient business owner. Know that there are thousands of options out there.

And, after a while, if you’ve discovered your unique way of doing something exceptionally well, you might choose to create your own course or organize webinars, which will help you share what you’ve learned (and make a profit doing it).

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