Ways to organize distance corporate learning

Boost employee skills with flexible learning

Nobody will now disagree that the Internet revolution has led to an incredible transformation of the learning process, making its remote organization possible. Hence, modern people have much more chances to learn faster and easier just from their comfortable armchairs. And distance corporate learning gives these capabilities.

Distance corporate learning may be organized differently, i.e., webinars or LMS (Learning management system).

Webinars are a revolution in the training system

Discover the benefits of distance corporate learning for your business

Webinars provide excellent opportunities for distance corporate learning remotely. Here are some benefits of webinars:

  1. A possibility to involve a significant number of participants from different parts of the countries or even the world.
  2. An opportunity to conduct presentations effectively.
  3. Saving money and time. The attendees don’t need to travel to participate in a corporate event, and the organizers don’t need special halls or expensive equipment.
  4. Convenient webinar services with handy, useful features for distance corporate learning. Modern services for holding webinars are evolving to ensure even better quality, more features, and, therefore, wider opportunities for efficient delivery of valuable information.
  5. The possibility of sending invitations and reminders beforehand allows for the attendance of more participants. A webinar is intended not for ordinary people, whose daytime is mostly unplanned, but for those who have heavy schedules and need to be aware long before the day of the seminar. The opportunity to plan a webinar through webinar services enables the organizers to consider all these circumstances.
  6. The possibility of uploading and downloading necessary materials, such as videos, audio, and documents. During an offline seminar, a wide variety of materials may be used. So, providing disc space and access to it beforehand allows for uploading all essential data so that precious time will be well-spent during the webinar.
  7. Chat, which allows exchanging ideas and asking any necessary questions regarding unclear points.
  8. Additionally, webinar organizers can record webinars and use them repeatedly for corporate training. Generally, webinars are one of the most useful tools for successfully organizing distance corporate learning remotely. In fact, inventive webinar organizers discover more innovative ways to maximize the benefit of this kind of online event.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Empower your workforce with accessible training with LMS

A learning management system (LMS) is a unique and exceptional system created for organizing distance courses and various training programs. It enables the people who organize distance learning to administer, document, and deliver training courses online.

Here are the advantages of LMS for distance corporate learning

  1. Helpful administration of tests and different assignments;
  2. A possibility to track the student’s progress;
  3. An opportunity to organize blended learning;
  4. Sharing individual portfolios on various projects allows the co-learners to share their vision and provide undivided attention to the overall project.
  5. A hierarchical system, i.e., different levels of teachers and students, visitors and editors;
  6. Attendance tracking;
  7. The chance to access LMS from any device, including mobile phones, iPads, iPhones, and Android;
  8. Feedback exchange. Tutors can even create special groups for the discussion of provided feedback.

Undoubtedly, such transparency increases all users’ responsibility, motivating them to do their best and show perfect results. Such feedback systems also allow for finding useless or needy parts of courses and making all necessary improvements.

Many reputable companies have undertaken the task of organizing LMS, although it requires billions of contributions, much effort, and patience. LMS enables people to unlock their possibilities and get the expected result from their workload. It eliminates all the possible boundaries that would block the act of studying or make it difficult to perform.

To summarize

Distance corporate learning is a revolution in training systems resulting from the tremendous development of technology and the Internet in recent years. A remote course means learning from a distance, which people previously couldn’t even imagine they would ever be able to overcome.

Distance learning gathers people from various cultures over a goal that doesn’t rely upon such preconditions as religion or politics. Internet courses have been acquiring the knowledge that people need so much to get their granted position in society hundreds of times more accessible and more straightforward. And, consequently, there is nothing impossible now. Everyone can change their lives by gaining knowledge despite any conditions using distance corporate learning.

Dan Daemon
Dan Daemon

An expert behind the simplified online meeting and webinar software platform, MyOwnConference. In today’s flexible work environment, Dan offers invaluable life hacks, in-depth reviews, and savvy tips for organizing, promoting, and excelling in virtual conferences and webinars.

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