Video Conferencing Mode: New Function From MyOwnConference

Video Conferencing Mode

On the eve of the holidays, the MyOwnConference team decided to please its users and has launched a new feature in the webinar room – video conference mode. So, let’s talk about what this new product is and how it can be useful for you.

Video Conferencing Mode in Your Browser

Webinars and online meetings have become a part of our daily life and work. And for good reason. Online meetings are convenient and simple, do not require much effort. You can organize everything in a matter of minutes: you just need access to the Internet and, of course, a device with an Internet browser.

What does a webinar room look like in normal mode?

When conducting webinars, one of the most in-demand functions is the presentation of content materials. For this, we have allocated a special work area in MyOwnConference. It serves for displaying your screen, recordings, presentations and for drawing.

Webinar room

In the usual mode, all fields are active in the webinar room – the chat area, the presenters’ cameras and the area for displaying materials. The “Materials” and “Draw” buttons are also active.

When holding webinars, video interviews, and other online meetings that do not require additional tools, the workspace, as a rule, remains untouched and, with a large number of cameras, it can be completely useless and even disruptive. The more speakers at the event, the smaller the video area of ​​each of them. This, in turn, does not allow the participants to fully see each of the speakers with several cameras turned on.

For such cases, our team has found a solution that can significantly transform the quality of your meetings.

What is the video conferencing function for?

Active mode

This feature allows you to increase the area of ​​all enabled speakers’ cameras by making the working area in the webinar room invisible.

When the “video conference” mode is turned on, the working area disappears. It makes possible to enlarge the images of each of the speakers. Remember that up to 10 presenters can speak at the same time in MyOwnConference. When “Video conferencing” is on, participants will be able to see the speakers closer than when the room is in standard mode.

The chat area will continue to be active and the participants will be able to leave messages as before, but the work area will no longer be available for displaying documents. And the button “Drawing” will change color to gray. However, presenters can use CTA buttons, tests and surveys for participants.

In turn, the image of the webinar room for the participants will look slightly different than it does for the presenter.

Participants mode

How do I enable the “Video Conferencing” mode?

To enable this function, firstly select menu on the webinar room. After chose the “Room Settings” tab, and then “Video conferencing”. Move the slider and there you have it – the mode is turned on.

Features of the “Video Conferencing” mode

For example, during the webinar, the presenters played a video, showed a presentation or shared a screen. When the video conference mode is turned on, the displayed materials will disappear, and the “Drawing” button will be inactive and greyed out.

You can test the new mode right now on our website. We are confident that with our video conference mode, your meetings will be much more productive and your communication will reach a whole new level. Cheers to successful webinars and Happy Holidays!

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