What is web conferencing?

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In today’s world of extreme technological advancements, our business routinely integrates daily actions into the virtual world of the internet.

Modern web conferencing software

The same is true about web conferencing. Every specialist knows how important such conferences are in terms of business growth as they enable people to discuss perspectives and exchange ideas.

We now have an online version of conferences that saves plenty of time and money while boosting business awareness. From this point of view, online meetings are one more powerful tool provided by modern technology.

So, what exactly is online conferencing? How does it work? What benefits does it give to people and companies?

What is web conferencing?

Collaborate online with video, audio, and screen sharing

It refers to online meetings with an unlimited number of participants who can discuss problems online, share documents, observe content together, exchange ideas regarding current issues, etc.

Special services typically organize these types of meetings through internet browsers. It’s well-known that almost everything operates online nowadays. Events that once cost thousands of dollars to organize can now occur online. This has become the perfect solution for many businesses. It allows people worldwide and in various time zones to connect on a single platform without leaving their homes.

When discussing web conferencing, you can’t overlook the growing prevalence of virtual classes today. These classes are specifically designed to facilitate video conferencing, webinars, and other online transmissions.

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How does web conferencing work?

Now let’s consider the process.

  1. Firstly, to organize a meeting online, the organizer should send email invitations or notifications about the conference to the potential attendees. It is also important to share guidelines for the application installation if they don’t already have the software installed.
  2. Every web conference follows a specific program or plan. You can send this program to participants beforehand, allowing them to familiarize themselves with the topics for discussion and their order. This approach ensures attendees understand what they will gain from the conference and gives them something to look forward to.

Web conferencing features

It allows you to do the following:

  • plan and invite other participants;
  • check the presence and availability of the participants;
  • share the screen: join access to the screen and different applications that are being used during the meeting;
  • use a whiteboard that allows a visual demonstration and analysis of ideas;
  • show presentations: each speaker makes a presentation about a particular issue and demonstrates it to the other participants;
  • co-browse websites and online pages to find out any additional information or necessary data about the problems being discussed;
  • provide annotations;
  • chat: all participants can discuss any issues without interrupting the presentation. This is a very important feature as participants can drop their questions in the chat during the presentation and the host can attend to them later.
  • moderate the conference. Almost all conferences, seminars and other similar events are full of negotiations and discussions. There are always some participants who are not respectful to others or do not follow the rules of the online conference. That is why it is necessary to have a moderator who regulates and reminds everyone to follow the rules;
  • enjoy the benefits of VoIP connection and video connection;
  • change the speaker and transfer the leading position of control with the mouse and keyboard;
  • enjoy useful tools for feedback accumulation (for example, surveys);
  • record the meeting. Some participants may miss the meeting or some parts of it. The recording is useful for information recovery. Also, social networks currently provide huge opportunities to publish videos and reach a larger audience. Depending on the purpose and content, the record can be posted to be available for a greater number of people. This way, your efforts can be maximized as you can enjoy the further engagement of your online conference even after it has ended.

Essential conditions for a successful web conference

During the meeting or at the stage of planning and preparing, the following technical aspects play an essential role:

  1. Good sound. — It is better to use a USB headset to ensure good sound. It guarantees a lack of background noise and echoes often during online transmissions. Moreover, most such headsets have options to adjust sounds. Good sound will not only make your meeting go smoothly, but it will also position you or your business as professionals and provide a good impression.
  2. Quiet environment. — Undoubtedly, any noise or speech unrelated to the conference disturbs it. Therefore, participants prefer quiet rooms. In addition, external noises can distract the audience from the actual presentation, which is unsuitable for the host.
  3. Clear video. — Some basic knowledge of a video operator is also necessary to make the video perfect. For example, the camera’s proper lighting and location make the conference look good, contribute to a better perception of the information, and facilitate accessible communication. As a result, clear video improves the efficiency of the discussions and presentations.

Some experts in online conferences pay attention to details like clothing or the best area of the screen for document display. Moreover, they affirm that clothing should not be too bright or have too many patterns, as these distract the audience from the conference and often appear unclear on the screen. Also, they prefer to display documents on the upper part of the screen, contributing to better visual contact.

These seemingly insignificant details affect the impression your audience will get from your conference and the interaction in general.

In conclusion

Web conferencing is a great tool in terms of collaboration and working on projects, especially for teams that have participants from all over the world. In fact, they have a chance to discuss and cooperate effectively right from the comfort of their home, in front of their own computer without wasting time commuting to any particular place.

To sum up, web conferencing offers numerous benefits. Online conferencing allows you to organize dynamic and effective meetings easily and with great convenience. And of course, you can organize different web conferences in a matter of minutes with the web conferencing platform MyOwnConference.

What is web conferencing?

Web conferencing is a technology that allows users to hold live meetings, conferences, presentations, and training sessions over the Internet. Participants can connect to the conference from anywhere in the world, share screens, communicate via audio and video, and collaborate in real-time.

Can web conferencing be recorded?

Yes, most web conferencing tools have a feature that allows you to record the session. This can be useful for those who missed the live meeting or for reviewing the content later. Be sure to check your platform’s specific recording capabilities and storage options.

Is web conferencing secure?

Web conferencing platforms typically offer various security features like end-to-end encryption, password-protected meetings, and user authentication. It’s important to use these features and follow best practices to ensure a secure and private conference experience.

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Dan Daemon

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