10 Tips to Keep Visitor Attention During a Webinar

Tips to keep visitor attention during a webinar

Webinars allow you to reach an audience across the world. They are also a relatively inexpensive way of enhancing the reputation of your brand. You do this by providing value for your audience and displaying your expertise.

Keep Your Audience Engaged

In order to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of your webinars, concentrate on how to keep your attendees engaged. Several valuable tips help you to do this.

Be creative and informative with content

Great content is an essential aspect of any webinar. Remember that what you say should be:

  • Informative. The audience should be able to learn something as they are dedicating valuable time to participating.
  • Useful. Before you create your webinar, spend time learning about your audience. Who are they likely to be, and what information will be useful to them. Once you have this information, you can develop your content accordingly.
  • Interesting. You may be an expert on a certain topic. However, people will still disengage from what you say if you do not make the facts interesting to listen to.

If you do not take into account all these points, you may lose your audience’s engagement.

Make use of graphics and demonstrations

We have already mentioned how vital it is to make your webinars interesting. It’s hard to do this if you simply have a presenter speaking for the entire time. People will lose interest after just a short time if there are no other elements to your content.

Use visuals to sustain engagement. This includes the use of images, tables, and videos. Doing this also means that you make sure to reach members of your audience who are visual, not audio learners.

Create fun chat questions as icebreakers

Using icebreakers at the start of a webinar helps audience members relax and get to know each other. So, it’s worth spending time thinking carefully about fun chat questions to use.

It helps to develop icebreaker sessions that are relevant to the main webinar topic. Doing this means that you make your content entertaining while also getting into your main flow.

Use breakout sessions

Most speakers at a webinar are not professional entertainers. This makes it difficult for them to keep an audience engaged for a full 30-45 minutes. It’s often easier to use breakout sessions to involve the attendees and keep them interested.

Split your audience into chat groups and give them time to discuss their thoughts and share ideas. Your attendees will relish the opportunity to meet others and generate valuable conversation.

Have a moderator/facilitator

It’s challenging for a presenter to also keep control of what is happening in the background. It makes sense to have a moderator/facilitator in place to take the pressure off. They can deal with any technical issues that may otherwise cause your audience to disengage.

They can also check what is happening in chat. They can communicate this to the presenter allowing them to interact with the audience in real-time. Attenddes are likely to remain interested if they feel that their thoughts and comments are being recognised.

Switch modes during the webinar

According to psychologists, people can only concentrate on a specific process for 20 minutes. They then need a change in activity if they are to remain engaged.

During a webinar, you can overcome this problem by switching between the modes that you use. For example, you can use the main speaker, a video section, and a panel discussion.

Give the audience time by pausing

The presenter of a webinar does not need to keep talking without pause. In fact, doing this can be off-putting for the audience.

Pauses can increase engagement levels during your webinars. They allow audience members to consider what you have said and fully comprehend your message before you continue.

Take questions at various points in the webinar

Many people choose to leave Q&A sessions until the end of their webinars. The problem with this is that some people attend webinars so that they can get answers to their questions. They become frustrated if they have to wait until the end to ask.

Taking questions at various points during your webinar prevents this situation from happening. It also helps to break up the content and allows your attendees to become involved.

Take account of time zones

Audience members for your webinars may be watching in different parts of the world. If you want to ensure that they remain engaged throughout, taking account of time zones is essential. Doing this helps you to plan your webinars at a time that best suits the people you are attempting to attract.

Be sure to give them sufficient time to participate fully. Ensuring this helps you to optimise the value of your efforts.

Choose a webinar platform that has the features you need

Before you can put these tips to use, you need to choose a webinar platform. When you are making your choice, consider what features you need to ensure attendees’ engagement.

For example, having a chat feature and polling makes it easier for you to interact with your audience. To ensure that you have everything you need from your provider, consider what you want your webinar to look like. Put this vision to use when researching the best platform to use. These tips will make it easier for you to make sure your attendees remain engaged during your webinars.

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