Why Webinars are Great for Employee Growth

employees growth

Webinars have proven extremely useful in this new dawn of remote work. Industry experts all over the world are sharing their knowledge through online talks. Meanwhile, many companies are moving their employee training to virtual platforms. It allows them to continue developing their workforce while practicing safety.

There are many other benefits to participating in webinars. They’re not only convenient and affordable, but internet seminars can also help with professional growth. These are some of the reasons employers should look at hosting or enrolling their staff in webinars:

To learn from industry experts

Being selective with speakers is key to getting the most value out of a webinar. Very Well Mind describes an expert as someone who has acquired a high level of skill and knowledge through a lot of practice. Experts are people who found success through trial and error and are now respected in their industry.

Before attending a webinar, check to see the credentials of the host or the speaker. What makes them qualified? Research their educational and professional backgrounds. Choose only those that are led by an expert in that particular field. Learning from someone with real experience can help you save time, energy, and money. Take a closer look at their success and learn from their mistakes to further accelerate your own professional growth.

To continue expanding skill set

In a Pain Free Working survey on employee wellness, Thomas Griffin stated that he encourages employees to continue expanding their skill set and knowledge. As the co-founder of a software company, Griffin understands how rapidly things evolve in the tech industry. However, through continuous training, employees can feel adaptable and competent in their field.

Webinars are the perfect opportunity to build that confidence. They are more than sources of inspiration. More practically, they can be used to continue upskilling employees so that they can stay relevant in their careers.

That said, choose webinars that have practical applications to your employees’ development. For instance, workshops on the newest software are the obvious place to start. But don’t overlook training in soft skills, too, like communication or conflict management.

To connect with other professionals

professional connection

Career growth can also be attributed to professional relationships. How do you build those connections? Through networking, of course.

There are many reasons why your employees should actively network, and Forbes lists ten of them. One of the most important advantages of networking, however, is that it makes anyone more noticeable. Once other people start to notice you, you can maybe gain an ‘in’ in a company, expand your clientele and partners, or seek mentorship. The rewards can be profound for the company then.

Take advantage of webinars to connect with people, whether they’re fellow participants or the hosts themselves. Ask thought-provoking questions when there’s a chance or ask the speaker for their e-mail to start a conversation. Who knows? These small talks can lead to a meaningful collaboration that can facilitate career development.

Productive and enjoyable communication boosts levels of employee satisfaction and engagement. So include webinars and video conferencing in your schedule as a part of contact with other professionals.

To understand the competition

Lastly, webinars are also a great way to evaluate the competition. Business writer Kaitlin Westbrook points out that you can learn a lot from your competitors. For instance, if a competitor beats your sales records, attend their talks on lead generation or marketing strategies.

Of course, don’t expect to gain all of their secrets, but you can learn a lot from what they’re willing to share. Even a webinar on something like employee engagement can be enlightening — you never know, perhaps it’s how you’re managing your staff that you’re not as successful in making sales.

Now that you know how useful webinars are, it’s time to explore your options. Find out how to start by reading our post «How to Participate in a Webinar»

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