How to Write Webinar Announcement

Webinar announcement

Webinar announcements are placed on the registration pages, in social networks and emails. A good announcement would contain major information about the webinar and answers to visitors’ possible questions concerning the upcoming event. On top of that, such an announcement motivates users to register for the webinar. Below, 10 questions are offered that would help you prepare a quality informative announcement.

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What is your webinar’s name?

Indicate the name in your webinar announcement. Read for some suggestions on inventing names for your webinars. To cut a long story short, the name should reflect the event’s essence and be catchy. To draw users’ attention, you could stress its topicality, promise some profit, and indicate the exact target audience.

webinar name

When will your webinar take place?

Tell the precise date and time of the webinar. Information on the best time to hold your webinar is available here.

Note that people that visit webinars live in different cities and even countries, so be sure to include your time zone.

Who will hold the webinar?

Introduce the webinar presenter to your potential visitors. Tell about one’s education, experience, awards and other relevant info. Yet, make sure not to overload your visitors with extra details and facts from the presenter’s biography. Instead, write 1 to 3 sentences only.


Add the presenter’s photo to your announcement, or a video with the person. Mostly, this will increase trust of users in the presenter personally and in the webinar in general.

What is the webinar topic?

Describe the key points in brief that will be discussed at the webinar.

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What is the target audience of the event?

Suppose a person sees it is among the target audience of the webinar. In that case, it will definitely continue reading it, unlike those failing to meet this criterion and thus leaving the page in most cases.

What will attendees learn?

In your announcement, tell the audience what the webinar visitors will learn after the event is over. Here, it must touch upon the audience’s real problems and all you need is to show how your webinar would help overcome these. For instance, “you will learn how to plan your home budget and get rid of debts effectively.”

What will webinar visitors get?

Indicate the profit your attendees will get from the webinar. This could include useful information, skills, additional materials, certification, etc.

Are there any reviews?

Reviews of people having visited your event previously is yet another method to convince users to register for the event.

How much does participation cost?

Certain organizers do not indicate the participation cost. Perhaps, because of apprehensions concerning the price being too high, in case the webinar is paid. If the webinar is free, they think this is really obvious for the audience. This results in users trying to guess, which further makes them either get in touch with the organizers and learn the price or simply leave. This is why it is really necessary to indicate the participation cost.

Is there any call for action?

The announcement’s main aim is to lead users to providing their contact details and registering for the webinar. So, be sure to remind users about the action separating them from the useful and interesting webinar.

What should be included in a webinar announcement?

A webinar announcement should include the webinar topic, date and time, speaker details, registration link, and a brief description of the content.

What are some best practices for writing a webinar announcement?

Some best practices for writing a webinar announcement include using clear and concise language, focusing on the benefits to attendees, highlighting the expertise of the speaker, and including eye-catching visuals or graphics.

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