10 Perfect Webinar Landing Page Examples

Webinar Landing Page

A landing page is often overlooked, but an incredibly powerful method of boosting the number of leads and registrations. A landing page is a web page where users typically land after clicking on a particular ad or link, such as an ad for the upcoming webinar. It can contain the event’s title, its main benefits, information about the speakers, and, most importantly, a CTA (call-to-action) button.

In this article, we will look over many interesting landing pages and analyze their conversion potential as well as the areas of improvement.

Litmus Email Accessibility Webinar

litmus landing page

blank Image source: litmus.com

This landing page design is pretty minimalist, professional and pleasant for the eye.

The bold webinar title is very well visible and sets a clear objective.

It’s always a good idea to sprinkle in words such as “easy” and “simple” to get the viewer interested.

What is more, the potential participant knows from the start; there will be three steps, which sets an expectation for a certain webinar structure. The hosts need to live up to that expectation.

The copy is clearly written. The participant is to get both advice and research to support the advice.

The bullet points elaborate on the three steps mentioned in the headline, which makes the copy flow.

Every point begins with a specific verb in bold: write, design, optimize. The viewer doesn’t even need to finish reading the sentence to understand what they will learn from the webinar. This is a smart decision considering the ever-shrinking attention spans.

The presenter info is not distracting or overbearing: we only see their job titles. It is usually the right choice if the presenters do not have any overly impressive credentials to entire the viewers. Otherwise, it’s a lost opportunity.

The signup form looks like it asks for too much: the company name, work email, phone number – not everyone will be able to provide this info. However, it’s also a good way to narrow down your target audience.

The CTA button evokes an emotional response. “Save your seat” implies scarcity and brings more conversions that the ordinary “Register.”

Semrush Old Content Webinar

semrush landing page semrush webinar register for webinar

This webinar emphasizes its speakers since their photos are what immediately strikes your eye.

However, their credentials are absent, and you need to click away to read their biographies. This does not bode well for the conversion rate.

The same can be said about the unique feature of this landing page: the outbound link for users to ask their questions.

While an efficient way to collect feedback, this can distract the potential viewers from actually completing their registration.

The copy is clear and engaging: the writer asks rhetorical questions which should pick the participants’ curiosity. What content marketer wouldn’t appreciate a clear-cut strategy of dealing with the old content, right?

The webinar structure is laid out in advance: a 20-minute presentation followed by a discussion. Viewers can plan their time accordingly.

The “Register” button is repeated twice, which is nifty since it is more likely to bring the user right to the main goal.

Despite the criticism, this webinar landing page entices the potential viewer with its clarity and simplicity.

Intercom Sales Through Live Chat Webinar

intercom landing page Image Source: intercom.com

This landing page presents a recorded webinar. The webinar’s goal is clearly expressed in the headline.

The registration form is much shorter than in the previous examples, which means more people are likely to complete it.

It is also located at the top of the page, so it immediately catches people’s attention.

The bullet list describes the benefits of the webinar in a concise (one sentence per point) and consistent (every point begins with “how to”) manner.

The paragraph right after the speakers’ photos emphasizes their credentials through numbers: they helped the company’s $50 million growth in ARR. This makes the speakers look much more credible and impressive.

The big disadvantage of this landing page is the overabundance of clickable items that can distract the user from the main goal: registration.

Upon the whole, however, the landing page looks really slick and professional.

HubSpot Successful Startup Webinar Landing Page


blank Image Source: hubspot.com

This webinar landing page mentions right in the headline that the HubSpot co-founders will be the speakers. This is good marketing since these are some powerful credentials.

It’s worth noting that the registration form does not require much information from the viewer, so a high conversion rate is expected.

HubSpot also provides a link to its privacy policy, which should instil the participants with a sense of security.

Overall, this webinar landing page is geared towards speakers’ credentials rather than the content. There is no explanation as to what the participants will learn during the event. However, considering how impressive the credentials are, that should not hinder the webinar’s success.

Sprout Social Webinar

This landing page is easy to read and digest. The paragraphs are short, and the bullet list clearly states the webinar’s benefits.

The signup form, although more detailed than for most webinars, does not require a phone number, so more people will be willing to register.

What is more, you can clearly see that the webinar is free, which is a major selling point for many young professionals.

Salesforce CRM Adoption Webinar

Salesforce invites us to a webinar on CRM adoption. The title states the benefit clearly; however, 100% CRM adoption sounds a bit too good to be true.

Even though rhetorical questions are good at picking curiosity, they’ve gone overboard with those here. One or two would have sufficed; instead, they could’ve focused on making a small bullet list of the main perks.

The block paragraph at the end of the copy is really big and intimidating. It would have been better to split it in half.

The best part about this webinar landing page is the lack of clickable logos and links. You can only go to the privacy policy and terms from there. The fewer distractions there are, the more likely people are to fill in the quite demanding signup form.

Red Hat Open Source Webinar

This webinar immediately caught our attention with its well-defined objective. Even those who know nothing about pharmaceutics would not be confused.

The date and time, including the time zone, are visible as well, which is quite helpful for busy folks.

The landing page design is nice and simplistic, with the CTA button being a cherry on top. The big red “Continue” is impossible to miss.

It would be better, however, if the paragraphs were not so long. They read well, but their sheer size could scare away the viewer. Especially intimidating is the biography of the first speaker.

The social network icons could also be pretty distracting. They are also located right on top of the page, which does not help the situation. In general, it is better to refer participants to your social media after the registration, possibly in a confirmation email.

AllenComm Get Smart Webinar

The good part about this webinar landing page is definitely the CTA button which not only stands out but also has the brand’s orange color.

However, the webinar description itself is pretty vague: it is not clear what benefits the participants will derive from the event.

The speaker’s photo is also too big and distracting. The biography, although well-written, could do better with some more paragraphs.

SEO PowerSuite Webinar

Notice the unique feature of this landing page – the timer, showing how much time is left before the start of the webinar.

This marketing trick should produce a sense of urgency among potential viewers. It helps that all the company requires for registration is your email address.

However, because it’s so easy to register, there is a chance a lot of people will do so but never show up for the actual event.

The lack of webinar description also means that everyone will be coming with their own expectations, which may not necessarily match the reality.

Microsoft Azure Webinar

microsoft azure Image Source

This is a perfect example of how being minimalist and concise is the best policy when creating a webinar landing page.

The headline lets the user know what to expect immediately. The bullet list clarifies it even further.

There is a filter for the target audience: only those with a Microsoft or GitHub account can join.

The “Submit” CTA button is in Microsoft’s traditional blue color. It is pretty noticeable against the white background.

Overall this webinar landing page has nothing extra, but it gets the job done.


Now that we’ve discussed the pros and cons of the best webinar landing pages on the market, it should be easier for you to create your own.

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