How to Build a Webinar Sales Funnel

Build a Webinar Sales Funnel

Let’s say you want to go beyond building awareness and enjoying the attention of possibly hundreds of people. Let’s say you want to do the difficult part, which is convincing people that your product/service is worth their hard-earned money.

Sales Funnel at Webinars

How do you pull it off? How do you take the prospect by hand and guide them towards the ultimate decision? We shall explore this in this article.

What Is the Webinar Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is a journey. A journey your potential customers take from finding out about your product/service to purchasing it. A webinar is just one way to put your audience on that pathway; and shall we mention that it is extremely effective?

In general, a webinar sales funnel looks like this.
Webinar Sales Funnel

So how do you create a webinar that results in sales? Keep reading to learn more.

How Do I Create the Webinar Sales Funnel?

Do you have an exciting proposition up your sleeve, but something stops you from exposing it to the world? Are you afraid no one will register for your webinar in the first place?

If you are confident about your offer, all you need at the start is choosing a solid topic and create a content plan. Once you’ve got that covered, you can move towards the first step — creating a webinar marketing campaign to capture those leads.

Step 1: Create a Campaign

You’ve got to start marketing your event now. Not when you’ve got everything fleshed out and ready to go. Now.

Of course, you need to make sure you’ve got enough time to perfect your presentation. But generally, once you have a webinar plan, you’ve got to start working on advertising your event.

After all, this is the first step towards transforming your target audience into paying customers.

Here are the essentials:

Create an appealing landing page

Here are some tips from our experts. The key is to follow a nice, simple structure, include a list with clear webinar benefits, and, of course, craft a pithy and articulate title.

Start the promotion campaign

Google Ads and Facebook Ads should be your faithful companions through it all. However, make sure you know what you want to track: registrations, bounce rate, webinar attendance, etc.

Facebook Ads Manager

Automate all emails in advance

It’s best to reach out with a thank-you email within 5 minutes after webinar registration. If you don’t have all emails ready-to-go once your campaign launches, you may miss out on many valuable leads.

automation email

Have your own website

Yes, with the WordPress theme and all the plugins. This may not be necessary for the short-term. However, it will be very convenient for you and your clients in the long-term to have all your recordings, posts, and additional materials in one place. When people don’t have to waste their time searching for information elsewhere, they are more likely to spend a lot of time on your website and convert into paying customers.

Be creative

Do not just say you are better because of X, Y, and Z. Try to be creative in your approach: after all, your potential attendees have already inundated with information as it is.

For example, compare your product’s price to the cost of one cup of coffee (or any other product) and explain why your offer is a much better investment.

Step 2: Prepare for a Webinar

After putting your campaign on track, you’ve got to focus on something often overlooked — delivering quality content.

But my webinar is already free, and why should I bother? You may think. However, your webinar may not cost money, but it is not free.

People will invest their time and energy, and you should do your best to make it worth their while.

Offer solutions

Your attendees already know what problem they need to solve — that is why they came to your webinar. You should not reiterate the issue but focus on providing viable working solutions.

Be authentic

Do not force yourself to be funny when you are feeling serious. Tell the story of your product/service, how it came into being, and what is happening. Do not be afraid to share your struggles since it will put a face on the brand and make it more personal.

Check the tech

It may sound like an obvious tip, but many webinar presenters feel overly confident because of their technical prowess. It’s important not to be smug and check the equipment multiple times before the event day. A bad sound or low-quality video will make you look unprofessional and may dissuade your leads from purchasing the product.

P.S. If webinar attendees need to download special software, remind them of it in every email. Although it’s better when they don’t have to download it.

Step 3: Follow up with a Value Proposition

Not all leads will convert into sales right away. Some will require extra nurturing. This is where you can step up your game with time-limited offers and unique propositions.

Follow-up within one day after a webinar

Thank attendees for participating and remind those who are yet to purchase your product and its benefits.

Send slides and webinar recordings

You may want to take a day or two to remove all the awkward pauses and slips of the tongue. Afterwards, you may send slides and videos to both attendees and non-attendees.

Never break contact

We do not encourage you to spam every day. However, once in a while, it would be a good idea to send an interesting article or a free e-book to your yet-to-be-converted leads. This will help you build a relationship slowly but steadily and hopefully make a coveted sale someday.

Consider automated webinars

Evergreen automated webinars can be a valuable constant in your webinar sales funnel. You will not always have the time to host a webinar in real time. Consider posting your best webinar online to generate a continuous flow of sales.

Building a webinar sales funnel can be frustrating since traditionally many people would register and never show up for the event. However, even when one-half drops, the other half will stay and make all the difference.

That is why, despite the 30-40% attendance rate, webinars are an effective sales and promotional tool utilized by marketers all over the world.

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