5 Tips for Using a Pre-Recorded Webinar to Sell Digital Products

pre-recorded webinar

There are countless ways to create revenue and sell products using webinars. If you are interested in getting into online knowledge commerce or want to increase your business sales, hosting webinars can be beneficial for your success. If you wish to put out solely informational content or want to show how to use a product, you can easily reel people in to convert them to your business solutions.

Pre-Recording Webinars in MyOwnConference

If you are thinking about selling digital products online, you must make sure it is something of value to consumers. Having your own online business starts with the right domain, a high-quality website, and some fantastic content.

Once you have your digital products available to customers, pre-recording a webinar to explain and teach how to use it can increase your conversion rate and income. Here are some tips for using a pre-recorded webinars to sell digital products to customers online.

Do your research

Research is essential for any project. You must gain knowledge about what it is you want to do. You want to be successful in recording your webinar and using it properly. Research the type of digital product you would be selling and how to sell it. Here are some popular types of digital products that sell:

  • E-books
  • Software
  • Audio and music
  • Photography
  • Graphics and digital art
  • Courses
  • Documents
  • Video

It can be difficult to choose a webinar topic, but if you research before, you can find the perfect webinar subject.

Look at your competitors to see what ideas have already been used and how you can differentiate yourself from others.

You should research your audience as best as possible because you’d like to appeal to them correctly to get the results you desire. Focus on their needs and wishes.

Do you have the solution to their problems? If so, try to focus on the value of your product. Research your prospect’s emotions and beliefs to determine what methods of selling it is better to use when you are recording your webinar.

Create an irresistible offer

Think about your prospect’s needs and make sure you have an offer that is irresistible to them. You would like they feel as if your option or offer is the best out there. You should make them believe that your offer has much value and can solve their problems in the best way.

Your proposal should be related to what digital product you decide to sell. If you are selling online courses, you want to offer your audience quality knowledge on a topic that is often misunderstood or complicated. Offer simple solutions to be able to reach a broader audience.

Pre-record your webinar

Pre-recorded webinar can benefit you in the long run. It limits the number of live webinars you will have to run. You will get revenue even when you sleep because the audience can see your webinar at any time.

Pre-recording your webinar is ideal for a speaker who worries about getting on camera and making a mistake in front of lots of people. You can practice what you want to say until you are polished.

Record your webinar

Pre-recorded webinar will limit any technical issues that may occur while running a live webinar. Though you will have more work to pre-record your webinar, it will be beneficial to both your customer’s needs and your business goals.

Connect with your audience

Find ways to connect with your audience. When you are putting out a pre-recorded webinar, you won’t be able to interact or assess your audience. This can affect how well you connect with your prospects and customers.

Try to incorporate Q&A’s to connect with your viewers. You can mention to your prospects that you are taking questions at the end of the webinar. It is essential to give an estimated time they will get the response, so they aren’t wondering when you answer their questions.

Find previous questions that the audience asked before and incorporate them into your recorded webinar. You want your audience to feel like you as a business pays attention to them and their needs.

This helps build a strong business-customer relationship. Also include questions section to your webinar to explain any inquiries about your product, how it is used along with features and benefits specifically for them.

Follow up

Follow up with your viewers after the webinar to remind them what they registered for and its benefits.

follow up emailsUtilize email subscriptions to make following up with your viewers easier and simpler. You can send various emails to your audience to increase the probability of higher conversion rates. From confirmation emails to remind the prospect they forgot to purchase or replay options for those that missed it, you can increase your sales by simply following up with your prospects.

The Takeaway

It is hard and time-consuming to create a pre-recorded webinar that will resonate with your audience and turn them into paying customers. I mentioned it above, but research is so important. The research phase can make or break your success. After you have create a webinar, continue following up with your audience. Your sales funnel will always include following up with them even after you make a sale.

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