How to Participate in a Webinar


Webinar is a seminar or a conference held on the Internet. Participating in them is easy: you can connect to the event from virtually any place in the world where you have Internet access.

What do I need to participate in a webinar?

To participate in a webinar, you would need a computer, a smartphone or a tablet with Internet access. The connection speed is directly influencing how well you see and hear the webinar presenter. This is why we recommend you to use the Internet connection of no less than 512 Kbit/s speed.

In order to reduce chances of failures or freezes during online seminars, we advise you to suspend or stop downloading files from the Internet for the time of the event. We also recommend you to temporarily shut down all application that could influence the connection speed, like Skype, torrent downloaders, etc.

The browser you are going to use for attending webinars should have Adobe Flash Player plugin installed. In order to check whether it does have the plugin and learn its version, go to this link.

In case the plugin is missing, you can download it here. If you check the plugin version and it turns out that Adobe Flash Player is installed, but its version is outdated, update the plugin from the link.

How do I join a webinar?

Step 1

5-10 minutes before the webinar starts, follow the link you have received from the webinar organizer.

Step 2

You will see authorization window in your browser tab. You need to fill in all fields marked with an asterisk. Other fields that do not contain asterisk can be filled in according to your choice.

Enter your name in the Display Name field. In the E-mail field, put your email address. Type the password you received from the presenter into the Room Password field.


Step 3

After filling in all required data, press Login. You can also join a webinar with the help of social networks like Facebook, Twitter or any other supported one. To do so, press the corresponding button. After this, the specialized service Social Entrance Authorization will request access to your account. After logging into the webinar you can deny access to the service.

Joining webinars via mobile app

To participate in a webinar from your mobile device, open the webinar link in the mobile web browser. We recommend using the following browsers Google Chrome or Puffin.

In the popup window, type the link you have received from the webinar organizers. Later, type your credentials.

During webinars

After logging into the webinar, you become a full-fledged member of the event.


In the left part of the window you will see two buttons – “Ask question” and “Ask to speak”. The first button allows for sending a personal message to the presenter. Press the Ask to Speak button only in case you would like to go on air.

Further, you will see the chat where you can communicate with the presenter and other webinar participants. In the centre, the presentation and other documents broadcast by the presenter are demonstrated. To the right of the chat, you will see the list of all webinar attendees.

Note: during webinars, you are expected to respect the presenter and other attendees. Otherwise, the webinar organizers can kick you off the room.

What shall I do if I encounter technical problems?

If a connection with webinar is lost and your video and audio are frozen, enter the webinar room once again. To do so, update your browser tab and enter your credentials once again.

If you fail to enter the webinar room, do not hear the presenter or have other technical difficulties, undergo the system check.

system check

Make sure you see and hear yourself well. Also, note that the Checking Ports tab should contain only “open” for all lines.

cheking ports

Also, feel free to contact our support team.






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