API MyOwnConference


API (Application Programming Interface) is an interface for interaction between a website and third-party programs and services. A programmer or any other IT professional can use the API to access the capabilities of a third-party program. API is a ready-made code that helps implement the necessary functions.

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Increase Sales at Webinars: Call to Action button

increase sales

MyOwnConference has released a new marketing tool called Call to Action, which is proven to work and is able to bring even better results to your webinars. Call to Action is an element (e.g. a button, a banner or some text) that encourages users to perform certain actions: registering, buying, leaving an application etc.

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HD and Full HD recording

full hd

Great new here! MyOwnConference has got major changes in the webinar recording functionality. From now on, you are free to select the quality you would like to use while recording your webinars. Three formats are available: SD, HD and Full HD.

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Referral Program of MyOwnConference

referral program

Did you know we had a partnership program? We offer you a chance to get bonuses for each new customer (referral) you bring to MyOwnConference. Every time the attracted user pays for the services, your account will be credited with 10% of the payment made.

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FAQ: Presenters and Moderators at Webinars

presenters at webinar

Holding a webinar turns out to be much easier in case you have got a person to help you. It is usually called a webinar “moderator”, “administrator” or “co-presenter”. Its main functions are solving technical and organizational issues at webinars.

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FAQ: Webinars on Mobiles and Tablets

webinar on mobile

Visitors will no longer have to miss webinars even if they are far from their computers. Your attendee can watch webinars on tablets or smartphones. Participation in webcasts is now possible from any place with Wi-Fi or mobile data coverage. Connecting to an event, possibilities available through mobile app – these matters and much more are considered in this article.

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FAQ: Screen Sharing

screen sharing

Today we will try to answer the frequently asked questions about the screen sharing function. It is irreplaceable when it comes to telling webinar participants how to use certain software, for example. Your attendees will not only listen to the comments but also see what you do at their monitors. The webinar will turn into an illustrative one. In this article, you will find out the most common questions and answers about screen share.

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FAQ: Webinar Recording on MyOwnConference

webinar recording

The webinar recording function is used by up to 95% of broadcast organizers. Files with broadcast recordings are sent to attendees, reviewed, used as video classes and sold. No wonder webinar organizers do get questions on making quality recordings fitting their aims.

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FAQ: Automated Webinar Software

automated webinar

Summer is the time people would prefer to relax and keep things running on autopilot. But even if switching all tasks off is impossible, webinar automation can be set up. With the auto webinar function, you can hold your event and start broadcasting it later an unlimited number of times. In this article, we have gathered a selection of the most frequently asked questions on using the automated webinar function at MyOwnConference.

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FAQ June: 5 Questions About Invitations Section


The new function Invitations in the webinar service MyOwnConference allows creating capture pages for pre-registration of webinar attendees, sending users reminders about the upcoming event and managing the subscribers’ database. In order to make using the new features easy and smooth, we have elaborated top 5 frequently asked questions on the topic.

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