How to Create a Webinar

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Webinars are becoming of the best ways to reach potential customers and to market your company even more. Those who have created webinars in the past find that they offer several benefits to the company, idea or product that they are talking about.

These benefits include:

1. Allows you to gain more lead generation than a typical ad that is marketed.

2. Leads to more partnerships among businesses, which can increase your consumer base.

3. There are no boundaries as to how far you can reach with a webinar as there are no geographic boundaries.

4. Those who sign up to view these webinars are going to be those who are interested since they signed up in the first, thus you are dealing only with those that are interesting, ensuring that you are not wasting your time.

For businesses, a webinar can prove to be a beneficial aspect for any company. It can be your way to achieve your work-related goals and then.

Why Create a Webinar

With all this being known about webinars, why do people create a webinar in the first place? There are six main reasons for webinar creation.

These include:

  • Educating those existing and potential customers about a product, new idea or the like
  • Lead generation
  • Building a stronger position on the market by showing how knowledgeable you are in the area
  • Converting new contacts into customers
  • Making new contacts that could turn into potential customers
  • Just for the joy of making a webinar, which is the lowest percentage of why people create these webinars.

If you are serious about making yourself or your company look more knowledgeable in the area of your business, then you are going to find that.

6 Steps to Creating a Webinar

Creating a webinar is not as hard as most people make it out to be. In fact, this can be completed within 6 steps for those who are serious about making this webinar effective and affordable to make.

Step 1:

Choose your webinar software program. Keep in mind that you are going to want one software that is going to allow this webinar to be viewed on PC’s, mobile devices, Macs and everything in between. You are not going to have just one type of device accessing these webinars, so be sure that you plan ahead in order to avoid this issue later.

There are numerous webinar programs on the market, so you will need to do your research. Look for one that fits your budget, and has great ratings from those who have utilized it in the past. These webinar programs are going to walk you through every step to ensure that your webinar is going to go off flawlessly. A few of the aspects to consider with any software program include:

  • How large is the encryption level? A 256-bit encryption is a great level to aim for.
  • Does the company offer technical support? Various methods for contacting when and if there are issues is the best.
  • What size of attendance can you have with this software? Software that can be enabled for 60 attendees is very different than those that are enabled for up to 1500 attendees. Discover what you need in terms of attendance.
  • What size of disk space are you given? This can make a huge difference in how large your webinar can be.
  • How long is the continuous recording?

Step 2:

Start preparing your videos, slides and presentation notes. Remember that you are going to be presenting this, so this needs to be organized for you to not only follow along but for your audience to gain insight into what you are lecturing about. You may want to spend weeks on this step of the project, as this is going to be what makes your webinar memorable. Be sure to put in new photos, or even work environment photos that you can take yourself. Make this engaging, entertaining and enlightening!

Step 3:

This is the step in which you want to get your webinar advertised to the public. Send out an email to the contacts that you already have on hand and invite them. Then broadcast this via your social media feeds and encourage people to sign up and share this information with others. With this information needs to be the time slot for when this is going to be happening so that your attendees can be sure that they pencil this into their calendar.

Step 4:

Once you have advertised and are still a few weeks or days from your webinar occurring, be sure to go back over your content. Be sure that this is going to be a good fit for the time frame that you have given for this webinar. Which does mean that you should practice this as best as you can. Be sure that you keep the audience in mind, as they may not need elementary education, they may be more advanced, and your content should showcase this.

Step 5:

While the webinar is taking place, be sure to interact. While you may be presenting information, be sure that you reserve some time at the end for a Question and Answer session. And make sure that you know the answer or can at least direct the person to the right answer. Many webinar software programs are going to offer the ability to chat while this is in session or even allow for everyone to utilize the voice over conference feature while in this. Check these aspects out to determine which is going to be the best option for you.

Step 6:

After the webinar is over, be sure to send all those who attended a follow-up email. Take this time to let them tell you what they loved, and what they hated. This is going to be a great way to improve your webinars for the future.

As you can see, a webinar hosting is not as hard to make as most people think. In fact, with the right software, you will find that this will be no more difficult than if you were to create a PowerPoint presentation for a meeting. The only difference is that you are making this for an unlimited number of attendees from locations all over the world!

How to Create a Great Webinar: Tips

There are several tips that you can utilize from others who have been involved in creating the webinar for their companies. These tips include:

1. Make the webinar be one that is urgent! What does this mean? If you state that there are a limited number of virtual seats for those who want to attend, people are more inclined to sign up early and view the webinar, as they assume that this is worth their time.

2. After the webinar, be sure to send a follow-up email to ensure that people are keeping your company in mind. This can be full of links to help keep the potential customer close.

3. The most popular times for a webinar are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, anywhere from 1 pm to 3 pm.

4. Consider running more than one webinar per month for your business to succeed. Most businesses run 1 to 3 per month with success.

5. Be sure that you time yourself when working on this webinar. You want to keep a webinar under an hour. Go over an hour and you could lose the interest of those who are attending.

6. Consider making your webinar a series, this can be a great way to maintain attention to your idea and to keep customers coming back!

7. A good rule of thumb, you should be moving your slide every 20 to 40 seconds to ensure that you are keeping your audience interested!

8. Use graphics as much as possible to explain your points, including graphs. You are going to find that doing this will increase the interest that your audience has.

9. Always keep cultural references in mind when making these webinars that may be attracting a global audience. You never want to offend someone!

10. Consider having a colleague or friend attend who can be your dedicate questions and answer facilitator. They do not have to ask every question, but they can break the ice and get everyone else involved. It can be a great way to ensure that you have participated.

As you can see, creating a webinar is a process. It will take a few weeks of information gathering, advertising the webinar to those who may be interested and then following through on this information. This is not something that you should try to complete within a few days. The more time that is spent on developing this webinar and then creating this webinar, it will show in the final product. Great webinars are going to greatly increase your consumer base and make you look like an expert in the field, which is what you need to succeed in any business market.

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