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referral program

Did you know we had a partnership program? We offer you a chance to get bonuses for each new customer (referral) you bring to MyOwnConference. Every time the attracted user pays for the services, your account will be credited with 10% of the payment made.

How Can I Use Referral Bonuses?

10% of the amount paid by a referral will be turned into days of using your current service plan. E.g. you use the €30 service plan (€1 paid per 1 day of services), while your friend buys the €40 service plan. Your bonus amounts to 10% of the Friend’s payment amount (€4), which means you get 4 additional dayfefes for using your current service plan.

Another great thing is that this type of bonuses is valid from the moment of the first payment and is credited every time when a user you have attracted pays for the services.

What Do I Need to Participate in Referral Program?

Conditions for participation in our referral program:

1. You need to be a current customer of MyOwnConference.
2. The user attracted by you should register at the MyOwnConference webinar service through your referral link.
3. Your referral orders any paid service plan.

What Is a Referral Link?

Referral, or affiliate, link is a link to the website that has got a unique user ID encoded in it. Such link is intended for attracting new clients. A person that follows your referral link becomes your referral, or attracted user, and you get your reward for this.

How to Find my Referral Link?

To get your referral link, log into your dashboard and select the Referral program section.

Referral program

What Shall I Do with Referral Link?

Select and copy your referral link. After that, paste it into an email or any other message. For your referral, the registration process will go as usual, yet for the referral program to work properly, one shall register namely using your referral link. This means your referral needs to copy the link, paste it into one’s browser, proceed to the registration page and register. Important: you cannot change the link!

How Can I Know whether Anyone Has Registered Using my Link?

In the Referral program section, you can see the list of all referrals that have registered using your referral link, as well as their status.

Text Banners for Attracting Referrals

Additionally, you can use ready text banners for increasing the number of registration via your referral link. Just past the phrase to your social media or website page, into an article, review, comment or letter. You can change the text of such banner, yet do not change the link.

Where Can I Place my Referral Link?

Referral link can be sent to a certain person through private messages or published on any third-party website. Pasting the link into your posts on webinars in the social networks, blogs or at the website is effective, too.

Do not Miss the Opportunities of the Referral Program

When telling about the MyOwnConference platform, you can help choosing a webinar service; moreover, you will receive pleasant bonuses continually.

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