How To Sell Anything With Webinar?

How to sell anything with a webinar?

If you have been thriving in the digital market for the past few years, you might have heard of webinars and maybe even tried your hands on them. You might even have learned a handful of tips and tricks before going for it. Did it work? Did it not? Whether you are a novice or an old player in the game of online business, when it comes to webinars, your marketing strategies and practical skills need to resonate with your listeners’ minds to get successful conversions.

Digital Marketing Tips

I have read various articles and watched videos explaining how to keep listeners engaged to the end of webinars and get maximum sales. This article has summarized some crucial dos and don’ts that define how to sell anything using a strategic webinar. But before digging deeper, let’s get to the basics.

Webinars Explained

A webinar is short for a web-based seminar. It refers to a presentation, meeting, or workshop on video conferencing software. One can participate in a webinar anytime, anywhere, even in their bedroom. The host can directly show the webcam, and share audio files, videos, pdf, etc., with their attendees.

Why Do Webinars Work

First, let’s understand why to go for hosting a web-based meeting. Creating webinars is a tedious task, but it gets the best results. Always remember that people buy from people. You can tremendously impact your audiences’ minds by having a face-to-face conversation. It develops a better human, emotional, and personal connection, thus building a deeper trust between your brand and the buyer.

Getting Successful Conversions With Webinars


When created and marketed correctly, webinars possess the potential to convert an enormous amount of leads. I have jotted down what to do and avoid when hosting a webinar for your business.

Do This and Get the Best Results

We all know what crucial role communication plays in hosting a webinar (duh!). Following are the points that you need to keep in your mind as well:

1. Be Crystal Clear

When you tell your audience directly about your approach instead of confusing them, you instantly stand out from all the other marketers who beat around the bush. So always make sure you make everything very clear – your topic, the benefits of your webinar, what offers they will get at the end, etc.

2. The Power Of Three

Always offer more than one version/package of your services – most preferably three – basic, premium, VIP. The idea behind it is that when people have three options, there is a higher probability of them opting for the middle one. So you can keep the preferred package as the medium one and create two more packages around it that make the preferred one look more appealing (clever!).

3. Social Media Is The Key

Never forget to promote your webinars on your social media platforms. This way, you get more exposure among the audience from around the world who might be randomly scrolling through their feeds. Various social media automation tools in the market make this process hassle-free, like Socinator, Talkwalker, MavSocial, Hootsuite, etc.

Avoid These Elements, or You Will Fail

As much as you need to know what works, you also need to understand what doesn’t. Here are some of the main points that you need to consider if you’d like to sell anything with webinars:

1. Not Having A Goal

Delivering great content to a wide range of audiences without any further plans regarding the number of conversions you want is like a shot in the dark that you desperately don’t want to miss. So always aim and work for your target instead of investing your energy into something less of its worth.

2. A Simple Registration Page

Sending your audience to the registration page is simple, but converting them into customers is not. When created appealing enough, your registration page can change folks’ minds and make them think twice before leaving your site. On the other hand, an exceedingly lousy general registration page will compel the visitors to rethink if they are ready to register for your services.

3. No Follow-Ups

This point scares most marketers – creating a pitch for the customers to push them down the funnel without losing their interest in your brand. Always think of it this way – feel like you earn the right to tell your audience the next step since they have already taken an interest in your services.

How To Put It All Together?


Read the points mentioned below to know how to sell anything with webinars. Structure them as stated below and get a successful outcome every time:

1. Make The Topic Irresistible

Your webinar title is the first thing that is going to decide if, or if not, your listeners will develop an interest in whatever you continue with further. So craft it in a way that sounds promising yet not significantly over the top to believe. Your audience should feel like they will miss a lot if they don’t attend this particular webinar.

Provide valuable something or urgent that they are going home with after listening to you. Never miss the point you will talk about because once you start speaking, your listeners will expect you to fit into the frame of mind you initially created with your title.

2. Skip Your Introduction

As ironic as it may sound, skipping the introduction gets you more attention than you can imagine! Audiences aren’t present at your webinar to chat with you. Instead, they want to know what services you can offer them. So, other than 40-50 seconds of a quick intro, NEVER, I say, never add unnecessary details to who you are.

Get to the point, but don’t be too direct. Make your shift seamless, and don’t make anything abrupt, but make sure that you get started with the topic ASAP, or else your audience will leave (quite literally).

3. Always Promise Something New

Think about the time when you last learned something new or valuable from a seminar. I bet it was long ago because it’s scarce. So be the rare panda in the sleuth of marketing bears. Offer them something new that other service providers haven’t talked about yet.

Never tell your audience if your webinar will be exciting, empowering, or anything you feel. Let them decide based on what you deliver. Begin the insights of your webinar with phrases like, “what I’m going to share is probably going to be something you have never heard of, trust me.”

4. Effective and Clear Delivery

Seldom do marketers deliver what they promise, not even in a seminar they host! Don’t fall into this category. When you have, as promised at the beginning of your sessions, your customers develop more trust in you. When given more insights on what’s next, they swiftly get ready to listen to your subsequent sessions, expecting to know more from you.

Drive your prospects, encourage them to ask more questions, raise queries, and discuss everything with you in detail. Take brief pauses between your sessions and give time to your listeners to discuss. This way, they are more likely to agree with you since they get the time to think.

5. Call to Action for Your Listeners

The main aim of your webinar should be to clear the minor ifs and buts and leave your prospects hungry for a faster and better solution for everything you have been discussing. Naturally, this solution will be your products or services.

The idea behind this approach is that your content leads the customers to view your products as the ultimate solution for everything you spoke about in the entire webinar session. So they see buying your product as a logical next step at the end of your session. So keep in regular touch with your prospects using emails, social media, SMS, etc. and make sure you are present right there when they are thinking of buying your services.

Get Ready To Make A Webinar

Here we are at the end of our post. Webinars are a new and exciting approach taking up the digital market, and now you know how to sell anything using them. So it’s high time you implement all the mentioned points in your next webinar and be ready for a surprising success!

Best of luck! Did we miss any points? Do you have any questions in your mind? Don’t hesitate to ask us anything. We’d love to hear from you.

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