Webinars in 2016: Tendencies


What shall webinar and online conference organizers get ready to in 2016? What are the trends to influence the sphere of online education? We have learned the facts and outlined a few tendencies.

The number of visits to webinars using smartphones and tablets will increase

According to Adobe, the year of 2015 demonstrated the growth of the number of people using their smartphones for watching a video, and this growth amounted to 33%. Based on this, we can conclude that more and more users will prefer to attend webinars using their mobile devices, as webinars are in fact video streams. This is why webinar organizers should choose webinar services offering such a possibility.

smartphone users

Promotion in social networks is a must

Social networks continue their rapid development. The number of Facebook and Twitter users increases, and so does the amount of time people spend on social networks.


Webinar organizers shall use this information for their benefit: place webinar announcements, event advertisements, communicating with webinar participants in social networks.

People will be concerned about online safety

Search engines and social networks have learned to get more and more information about any Internet user, e.g. what they are fond of, problems they search to solve, people being their friends, etc. This leads to growing concern of users about online privacy and safety. Webinar organizers should better notice this tendency and choose the service that takes care of webinar attendees confidentiality.

For example, MyOwnConference issues a warning to users that it uses cookies. More information about cookies you can find here.

Online conferences will grow more popular

For several years, many live conference organizers sell tickets to the event hall and online broadcasting. The number of conferences held exclusively online is rising. Attending conferences over the Internet has become trendy during the latest years. People are comfortable allocating several hours to obtain information on the topic they are interested in, communicate with colleagues, and never leave their homes or offices for this.

Webinar organizers should use this trend and offer webinars and conferences and uniting with other speakers dealing with similar topics for this purpose.

These were just the main trends in the sphere of webinars to wait for in 2016. Do not forget that useful content, thorough preparation for your event and active cooperation with attendees brings better results than an aspiration to keep up with the trends.


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