Include webinars in your marketing strategy

Include webinars in your marketing strategy

The world has recognized webinars as a valuable tool to enable a business to connect with an audience and generate new leads. Overall, they are so valuable because they foster real-time connectivity and interaction between a business and its audience.

If you look more closely at the use of webinars, you will see that there are more specific benefits that they can provide. These benefits are a valuable asset to your business. Let’s examine this in more detail.

Why webinars are so valuable as a marketing tool

There are several reasons why webinars can be such a productive part of a business’s marketing strategy.

Why webinars are so valuable as a marketing tool

Webinars are a convenient marketing solution

Advances in technology have led to the development of a connected world. This means that most businesses and individuals have access to a desktop, laptop or mobile device, and of course, the internet. This gives businesses an opportunity to speak to their target audience directly using a webinar. It’s a relatively simple yet effective process.

Webinars aid promotion and help to increase sales

If you use webinars in the right way, they can promote your business and increase your sales. However, a webinar should not be used merely as a way of direct selling. If you dwell too much on selling your products or services during a webinar, your audience will easily lose interest.

Instead, you should aim to inform and engage with your audience. The webinar should serve to provide the audience with valuable information that they consider worth their time. This should be the primary aim. Secondary to this, you can strategically market your offerings while still informing the audience. This makes them more likely to engage with your brand and invest in your products or services.

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Establishing yourself as an expert can be done using a webinar

Once you establish what your brand is and what you have to offer, you need to encourage trust and belief in your brand. One of the best ways to do this is to show your expertise. Hosting a webinar helps you to do this because it enables you to talk about a subject that is related to your brand. In order for you to do this successfully, it’s important that you are fully prepared — and provide high-quality content that will not bore your audience to death. In preparing your content for the webinar, be sure to include media such as videos and charts. This is because audiences are unlikely to remain engaged if you use a lot of text-based slides during your webinar.

Also, it is not just the beauty of your presentation that matters. At the core of organising a webinar, the type of topic and quality of information you offer the audience stands out. Your webinar attendees may be attracted by your slides, but if the information you are passing across adds little to no value, they will eventually zone out. So, ensure your content is not only pleasing to see but also valuable to listen to.

Brand awareness can be increased using webinars

Simply put, increasing awareness of your brand involves making people more aware of what your business has to offer. This often includes talking about what problems you can solve for your target audience. A webinar is often a great way to achieve this. For instance, you may want to get a panel of experts to discuss an area that your business is involved with and include a discussion about your services as part of the wider debate.

This way, you attract various potential clients who are interested in the topic of discussion and most likely have problems related to the topic. Having your services discussed as part of such a webinar will help to build awareness of your business and how it is able to solve problems for the audience. It is an effective way to bring your brand to the forefront of your target audience’s minds.

Lead generation is made easier using webinars

Creating new leads is something that every business needs to pay close attention to. If you host a webinar, you turn your audience into leads by taking follow-up actions. This could include sending them a recording of the webinar and offering to invite them to future events. You may also want to ask them to subscribe to your newsletter. The main thing is to encourage them to remain engaged with your brand. You should also request feedback from your audience. This feedback can help you to ensure that your webinars are as effective as possible on an ongoing basis.

Once you are able to maintain regular engagement with your webinar attendees, it becomes easier to convert them to clients. Rather than going through the route of cold emails which may never get opened or replied, building a relationship with your potential clients will help them trust your brand. Hence, they will be more willing to pay for your services.

Webinars are a cost-effective marketing solution

One of the biggest benefits of using webinars as a marketing tool is that it’s not expensive to do. You can find affordable webinar platforms. These platforms give you access to all of the tools that you need to provide a high-quality and interactive webinar. Creating a webinar in this way helps you to interact with your audience and create a good impression of your brand.

Brands that have successfully used webinars in marketing strategies

Businesses of all sizes, and in various industries, use webinars as part of a successful marketing strategy.

This can be seen in the partnership between Intel and GE Healthcare. They have joined forces in different care-related ventures. One of these ventures is to aid assisted care living communities to care for residents. The companies used a webinar to engage with their audience. This allowed them to explain the technology they were using and engage with leads. They have continued to use webinars in this way and have witnessed increased attendance levels and engagement.

Another company that has successfully made use of webinar technology is Knovel; an Internet-based analytics company. They have created a series of webinars based on thought leadership in certain areas.

Brands that have successfully used webinars in marketing strategies

For instance, Knovel hosted a webinar on an OSHA law about the safety lifecycle. This webinar included a conversation between respected experts in the area. The content helped the company to engage with its audience.

There was also an internet buzz about the webinar, with influencers talking about it. This created more interest in the company and its future webinars.

The examples of these companies show you how effective webinars can be for your business. You simply need to make sure that you create a good quality webinar that helps you to engage with your audience in the right way.

In summary

With the rise of technology and digital tools, there is a growing recognition that webinars should form part of a successful marketing strategy. This is because they represent an easy and affordable way for a business to engage with its audience.

While a webinar should not be used as a direct sales tool, it can help to increase leads and sales. This is due to the fact that it allows a business to communicate directly with an audience that it can then convert into leads.

In order to do this, it’s important that once you have successfully hosted your webinar, you follow up with your audience. You can use this follow-up content to encourage further engagement with your brand and to turn leads into sales. Webinars are more effective when enough effort is put into both organising it and engaging your attendees afterwards. Frankly, many of them will not become clients just from attending your webinar. A bit more marketing and promotion after the webinar is the key to converting a fresh audience into customers.

This is why webinars are such an important marketing instrument for your business. If you do not already use them, you should look into including them in your future marketing plans.

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