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Guide to increasing webinar brand awareness

Building a webinar visual brand awareness is vital for any business that wants to flourish in a crowded marketplace. Creating improved brand awareness helps you increase the number of leads your business has, which in turn helps to increase sales and profits.

Webinar Visual Branding Benefits

You may have heard that webinars can help you to build brand awareness. You may have also been wondering how this works. Well, that’s exactly what we’ll be addressing in this post. But first, let’s examine why webinars are known for increasing brand awareness and how you can maximize webinar visual branding.

To fully realize how webinars can help your business build brand awareness, you need to understand the concept of brand awareness itself. In basic terms, brand awareness refers to how many people know about your business and what it has to offer. The better your brand awareness is, the more people are likely to engage with your business — similarly, the lower your brand awareness, the lower your lead generation. Hosting a webinar is a proven method to help your business improve its brand awareness.

Why are webinars so helpful in building brand awareness?

Webinars are a cost-effective means of building brand awareness. They do not require heavy financial investment and are relatively easy to organize. They are also precious when creating leads for your business, an essential aspect of raising brand awareness. More specifically, here are some of the reasons why webinars are so valuable when it comes to building brand awareness.

Time is well spent

You may have to put a few hours into creating a high-performing webinar. But the returns that you get are impressive. This is because when you hold a webinar, you have a tool that you can use to communicate with a global audience in real time. The best part is you can record this live meeting to keep informing new audiences in the future. Even if you don’t get all your desired results from the live event, the recorded webinar can work wonders if you keep promoting it.

The webinar concept is simple

While you must think hard about factors like suitable content and equipment for your webinar, the actual concept is pretty simple. The main thing to understand is you’re gathering your target audience for a virtual live event. And you provide valuable information to them while marketing your brand and services. This is what makes webinars a popular tool for businesses all over the world.

You also have access to webinar tools from platforms such as MyOwnConference, so creating an interactive webinar is made easy for you. The concept is equally attractive to your audience, who have the opportunity to learn and expand their horizons while only having to invest an hour or less of their time.

Webinars are attractive to different types of audiences

You can use webinars no matter what type of audience your business aims to attract and your objectives. This is one of the most important benefits of leveraging webinars to increase brand. For instance, you can:

  • Attract new leads
  • Target a specific new audience
  • Inform current customers about aspects of the business and its expertise

An example of this effectiveness is the joint venture between Intel and GE which saw them informing care facilities about ways to better care for residents while also improving revenue opportunities. In addition, they focused their webinars on sales-ready leads that needed nurturing and unqualified leads. As a result, their webinars continue to be successful and valued.

By now, I’m sure you can see the value of using webinars to build brand awareness. But, next, you need to understand how to make this happen.

How to brand your webinar

Webinar visual branding consists of two main features:

  • A branded banner and logo. You can attach these to the registration process and also use them to customize the invitation emails;
  • Branded materials. For example, you will use slides, screens, boards, backgrounds, gear, or other items to reinforce your messages.

Taking your marketing or promotional strategy to the next level through webinars requires that they are branded. Incorporating marketing tools and techniques into your webinar is the best way to get brand recognition. However, non-branded webinars tend to impact an audience less than those that are branded.

Although having a branded logo or watermark on your webinar presentation slides is an excellent way to leave lasting impressions on the viewers’ minds, it is even more critical to ensure that your brand is indicative of the message, company, product, or service.

This means that your brand’s values should be conveyed in your brand colors, fonts, images, and so forth. You have to consider whether your branding conveys your message effectively by incorporating elements that bring your vision and message to life.

This requires quite a bit of thinking and strategizing. It is not something you just quickly do 10 minutes to your webinar. If your branded webinar does not stand out and is not unique, then chances are it will not be as effective as it would be if all those elements were well-thought-out. Frankly, anything worth doing is worth doing well. It would be a waste of time and resources to disregard such important factors, as this may result in a low-quality webinar that doesn’t achieve your goals.

Most webinar software tools allow you to create a new look for your webinar so that it doesn’t feel or look generic. Often you can customize the webinar and add your brand elements by uploading images and logos and incorporating customized design features.

Other properties that you can include

  • cover images which you can use on emails and the registration page;
  • company logo, which will also appear on your emails and page;
  • color schemes you can add to your backgrounds and headers.

Tips for creating webinar content that works

Now you have learned how to use webinars to build brand awareness. Here are some additional tips to help you to do this more effectively.

  • Use the natural voice of you and your business. There’s no need to try copying big brands’ styles and voices. You want your audience to understand what you and your brand stand for, so it’s important to be natural.
  • Choose topics that resonate with your audience. An example is The Friedman Group, a retail consulting and training company. The company’s leader, Harry J. Friedman, spoke about improving retail sales at a webinar that the company created. This resulted in the company securing a million-dollar deal. The power of a well-selected topic and valuable webinar content should not be underestimated.
  • Using branding in graphics and visuals. The way the visual content of a webinar looks is important. Your audience will most likely remember your visuals, and if they’re not aesthetically pleasing, they will quickly lose interest or perceive your brand as unprofessional. As well as ensuring that the quality of visuals is high, it’s also vital to reflect the business’s branding in the chosen colors and graphics.
  • Creating a buzz by using social media. If a webinar is going to be successful, it needs to have an audience. Unfortunately, that audience isn’t going to magically show up, knocking in your inbox and begging to attend (unless you give away a gift of $100,000 to all participants). You have to dedicate maximum effort to get the word out there, and social media is one of the best platforms. Probably, you already use social media to promote your business. You should also use it to create a buzz around your webinars so that people want to attend them.

In summary

Next time you plan to hold a webinar, think about what you can do to enhance the experience through webinar visual branding. You can use some of the tips covered here to help your audiences truly engage and interact with you. This way, your message can stick, and you can reap real rewards from your creative initiatives.

Webinar visual branding is the best way to give your audience insight into your product or service. Also, it’s a great way to inspire them to act on your desired goals as well as the benefits of your business. The results will show how much engagement you’re able to garner through your call-to-actions because that’s the only sure way to measure the success of your webinar visual branding efforts. When you can track an increase in metrics such as your brand awareness, online following, and lead generation, you can be confident that your efforts have not been in vain.

Dan Daemon
Dan Daemon

An expert behind the simplified online meeting and webinar software platform, MyOwnConference. In today’s flexible work environment, Dan offers invaluable life hacks, in-depth reviews, and savvy tips for organizing, promoting, and excelling in virtual conferences and webinars.

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