14 Proven Ways to Attract Thousands of Participants for a Webinar


Are you looking for a way to sell out your event and fill the webinar room with participants? Here is how you can do it.
The first step would be to increase the number of registrations. The motivation is simple: the more people register for your webinar, the more participants and potential customers you get. According to the Hubspot research, only about 36% of registered users actually participate in the webinar. Thus, you need a thought-out strategy that will help you boost registrations along with the number of participants for your event. Offering useful content is just not enough.

Intriguing Title

The webinar title should spike curiosity and desire to learn more. Just take a look at these two examples: “Microsoft PowerPoint to Visualize Information” and “Death from PowerPoint: 13 Tips to Blow Your Mind with Slides.” It is obvious that the second version is more appealing and is more likely to grab the audience’s attention, even those seemingly disinterested.

Here are some more examples of amazing titles: “Panda tactics or how to create a dream job” or “Hijack the audience in 60 seconds. New oratory art.”

Check out the article on how to create a webinar name for more useful info.

Create a Landing Page for Registration

A landing page contains basic information about a product or service. It prompts the user to register, make a purchase, etc. A landing page well-done can help you attract more audience and reach a high level of conversion. However, not all webinar hosts know how to use landing pages for webinar promotion.

The landing page must address the general questions regarding your webinar: What is it about? Who is the host? When will it be held? Why should I watch it? How much does it cost? Here you can find more tips on how to create a landing page.

Landing page

Pay special attention to the registration form: it should be as simple as possible. It’s best to include just the webinar title and the email. You can always collect more information about the users during the webinar itself by using live chat and polls.

Do not forget to add calls to action. Everyone must easily understand which button to press when they open the page. Try to avoid the usual “Register” and “Join the webinar.” Our advice for you is to use CATs that best reflect the topic of the webinar, for instance, “Become the best copywriter” or “Double your conversions.”

With MyOwnConference, you can create a landing page by yourself or use the special programming services.

Pay for a Photoshoot

The visuals are important. You need to display a lot of attractive pictures for your webinar promotion: for email marketing, on your website, blogs and social media posts. Sometimes you may get away with stock images, but professional photos with your face will look much more interesting and convincing.

Do Not Delay the Promotion

To achieve the best results, it is necessary to spread information about the webinar at least two weeks in advance, as soon as you come up with a topic for the event. Reminding others of your event will help increase the number of registrations and visitors.

Use Social Networks and Targeting

Publishing news about the upcoming webinars on your Facebook page, Twitter and other social channels is yet another way to attract potential visitors. These are great when you need to share more detailed information with your subscribers.

In addition to that, social networks allow you to do targeted advertising, meaning, you will be able to single out your target audience among all social network users and advertise your webinar only to them.

Facebook target

Pin Your Posts

Regularly post something on your page, but make sure the post with an invitation to the webinar is always pinned on top. This way anyone who finds you on social networks will see the news about your event.

Do Instagram Stories, Snapchat and Facebook Live

Short videos get way more attention than plain text. What is more, videos are ranked higher by social media channels. Tell your viewers how you prepare for a webinar, address the frequently asked questions and simply share your thoughts. This will create a trusting relationship between you and your subscribers.

Start a YouTube Channel

Did you know that YouTube is the second most popular search engine? So if you want to be found, get yourself a YouTube channel. There shouldn’t be any issues with creating content: short excerpts from previous webinars, the announcements about future events and live broadcasts will do the trick.

Learn Storytelling Techniques

The stories and reviews of your customers can help you build the right brand image. Storytelling can revive your emails and posts. And most importantly, it can inspire future participants.

If you want to learn more about the techniques and effectiveness of storytelling, take a look here.

Learn to Create Infographics

Since webinar promotion mostly happens on social networks, it’s important to keep your posts varied. Infographic is an ideal example of such variety. It offers useful information in an entertaining manner and gets reposted numerous times. The more reposts you get, the more participants you will attract to your webinar.

Engage in Email Marketing

Does it sound too obvious? Only if your emails are boring and trite. Tedious spamming can irritate anyone indeed, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead of sending letters to everyone, focus on your target audience: choose only those people, who may take interest in your proposition. This way you won’t be sad any time you look at the open and clicks rate, nor will you get blacklisted.

Also, do not forget to set up a chain of letters people will receive after registration.

Here you can learn 10 original email campaign ideas to attract more audience.

Choose the Right Day

Statistically, webinars held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the most visited. On Monday and Friday, most people are not in the mood for new knowledge and skills. On weekends, as a rule, viewers have more important things to do than attend a webinar.

However, there are exceptions to any rule. To understand, which time works best for your webinar, try broadcasting on different days and check the statistics.

Try Phycological Tricks

There are plenty of psychological tricks you can use, but try not to abuse them.

1. Setting timeframes will help organize the participants and limiting the number of offers makes them seem more valuable.

2. Propose discounts for the first 10, 50 or 100 participants.

3. Offer gifts for quick registration.

4. Organize an individual consultation with those who pay before a specific date.

5. Share gifts and useful content for free: psychologists claim that such positive experience makes people want to thank you and do something in return.

6. Reputable partners, reviews and recommendations bring more confidence than advertising.

So we have listed 14 tricks that will help you significantly increase the number of registrations for your webinar. Use a combination of these methods to boost the attendance of all your future events.

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