Beauty Webinars. How to Use Webinar in Beauty?

beauty webinars

Beauty webinars are held daily now and they gather thousands of attendees. Most would most likely think of how to use webinars in the beauty industry that provides all services live. Within the latest couple of years, webinars proved to be working for the beauty in different ways.

Being ready to share valuable advice and knowledge helps get the trust of loyal clients, not even mentioning it as a great way of promoting one’s services.

Below are tips and ideas for organizing your first beauty webinar.

Educational webinar for masters

Online courses for future beauty masters, webinars and workshops are a convenient way of learning. Masters aim at increasing their qualifications, while novices want to learn the basics of the profession. Some would prefer to take care of themselves on their own. Creating one’s own beauty school with the help of a webinar platform is done both by salons and individual masters. It offers numerous advantages. On the one hand, organizers develop their businesses.

On the other hand, it is always advantageous to the studio or a salon to have teaching masters among their personnel. Moreover, you will get a chance to prepare personnel for your own business. And what is most important is that a course of webinars can be created with minimum expenses.

Finding a topic for an online course and finally starting working on it. Personal experience and useful tips

Beauty webinar based on Q&A

Q&A has become a more popular way of communicating with online followers on social media. How can this be used for one’s business? Via Facebook, Instagram or other pages, ask your target audience: “What would you like to learn at a beauty webinar? What are the questions you are concerned about?” Basically, it is a chance to get a free cosmetology consultation – who would miss it?

Life hacks for beauty care at home

beauty care.

Share your experience with the attendees and offer them your secrets of home beauty care. Let it become a kind of bait to get them attracted to a paid webinar or your salon. Get your audience interested in simple recipes of masks, peelings or body care secrets.

Create a paid beauty webinar

Use the knowledge and readiness to action to increase your income. Create a webinar cycle or a dedicated event about taking care of one’s body or skin. Write down a list of topics and draft scenarios of such meetings. Remember that if you decide to organize paid beauty webinars or an online course, be sure to offer the information that is not widespread on the Internet. Check what search engines offer about the topic of your webinar.

If you don’t know whether you should plan a series of events or just make them from time to time, read the article Webinar series VS one-time webinar.

Invite experts

It is widely understood that information supported by education and experience is always comprehended with more enthusiasm and trust. Create a beauty webinar and invite an expert from a certain sphere. For instance, many attendees some to webinars like “Making perfect makeup for a school leaving party/job interview/exam/wedding?” Invite an experienced makeup artist to it. For the better effect, interview a member of an admissions office.

Organize a beauty evening

beauty evening

Create a webinar during which you are going to undertake procedures with your attendees. In your invitation, make sure to indicate what your attendees need to prepare for the home SPA. Try to organize it so that all or almost all ingredients/tools can be easily found in any home or bought from the nearby shop or pharmacy. Anyone having issues with visiting a salon lately would be very grateful to you.

Keep it up with the trends

Keep an eye on the trends in the beauty industry. It is not only about trying new products and implementing technologies, but also about different ways of communication with your clients not to lag behind. Present your novelties to your clients during online meetings, be active on social media, organize information sharing via messengers. This way, you can tell more about the advantages and effects of a new procedure. Instrumental procedures, injections, laser epilations, and cosmetics — usually, clients need more time to dismiss their hesitations and agree to take the first procedure.

Advertise services you provide

Organize a series of webinars to tell about the services your salon offers. It is important not to forget to renew information on further events after your first one is over. Gather questions from your attendees and subscribers. Questionnaires for learning your clients’ opinions can be given to your clients in the salon. Such events should be recurring, weekly at minimum. It is a good 2-in-1 means – advertising your salon and services, as well as providing professional consultations to your clients.

Advertise products you use

Are there people who don’t want to buy a shampoo or a hair conditioner at a shop after a visit to one’s cosmetologist so that the hair becomes smooth and shiny? All clients of beauty salons have been in the same shoes. Show your clients the products you use. If you don’t have them for sale at the moment, it may be high time to get in touch with the product’s representative. Additionally, you can ask for a special discount for your clients using a promo code (it would be great to use the name of your salon there).

Fight beauty myths using webinars

beauty myths

As an expert and a professional working in the beauty industry, you might have been hearing lots of inadequate information about what can be put onto one’s hair – and that can lead to losing hair in the worst-case scenario.

Fight this by means of organizing webinars covering this topic. Help your precious clients to understand the Internet offers wrong information from time to time, and rectifying the consequences can be costly and time-consuming. Convince your attendees that professionals like you could be the most reliable source of information.

As you understand, there can be hundreds of ideas for a beauty webinar out there. Find something that is close to you and this makes 50% of your success. We will now talk about the remaining 50% and try to give answers to all important questions. How to start with online events? How to promote a beauty webinar? What platform to choose?

What to start?

As we have already mentioned, webinars’ ideas and topics are the most important thing on the way to organizing a webinar. Work on the webinar plan hard and start gathering materials for them. The more precious the materials are, the more attendees are going to return to the webinars that will follow your first one. On the other hand, long introductions, discussions and other non-relevant information can be safely deleted, as the Internet has already gotten too much of it.

Beauty webinar platform – paid or free?

The next stage is searching for a suitable webinar service for organizing meetings. You can easily find a dozen of platforms that offer a free trial period. Make sure to use it to test if some particular app is a good match for your needs. When it comes to organizing webinars themselves, which can take up to several weeks, it is worth converting to a paid plan. Why? Even if you are fine with the size of the test webinar room, often the free variants come with a set of limitations that can have quite an impact on the webinar quality.

At MyOwnConference, prices start as low as €25 for a month of unlimited use, or €10 for 1 day of webinars. Is it much? Taking into account that you are paying attention to everyone at a webinar, you save on the work of a professional. Moreover, coffee and snacks for the clients would cost you several times more.

Working on keynote slides

Collect all materials to supplement your slides. Of course, this does not mean that a slide should be filled with words to its rims. Don’t do that, please! Select only the most important thoughts and place each of them on its separate slide. Enforce your keynote with infographics, photos and video, and this type of content will help you keep your attendees attentive. Make some notes not to forget what you are to tell about. The sequence does matter.

Care about promotion

When you already know what you want to share with your attendees, start working on an advertising campaign. Create a landing page and distribute invitations via social media. If you want to reach a larger audience, pay for advertising. If you have subscribers that have provided their consent for receiving emails, use this method, too. Offering participation in a beauty salon webinar can interest the loyal and new clients but return those who have not visited you for a long time already.

Run a test webinar

A test run can give more confidence and lightness to a presentation. Father a group of friends, family members, and colleagues and test the webinar platform possibilities together. Ask your “test group” to press all available buttons to understand what can happen during a webinar. Possibly, you will understand that sometimes it is better to hide the chat or personal messages window to avoid getting distracted from the meeting. Also, you may see the slide format is not good for this particular service. Ideally, you would need to go through your keynote together with the test group. Take into account all tips of the friendly audience to make your presentation really professional.

And do not forget to set up sales buttons, after-webinar page, banner and logo.

Start your first beauty webinar

If you have spent quite some time for preparations, you don’t have to worry. Everything will be just perfect! Adhere to the plan and don’t make your webinar last too long. Take into account that some time is going to be spent on answering questions. Try relaxing and smile.

Many people say it helps if they imagine they are talking to their friends, not clients.

What to do after a beauty webinar?

Keep in touch with the attendees continuously by means of emails and social media. Send out information on new webinars and special offers from your salon. Yet, keep in mind nobody likes to be bothered too much – this may push people to unsubscribe from your messages.

What to do after a webinar and where to find inspiration – read You’ve held your webinar. 7 ideas what to do next.

The above are just some major steps on your way to creating a bright beauty webinar. More tips can be found in our blog. Just remember that your desire and determination matter. If you have no issues with those, just start your webinar adventure!

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