The Best Webinar Advertisement Examples

Webinar advertisement examples

Webinar advertising is the first step toward attracting your target audience. This article will review the most inspiring and effective webinar advertisement examples. It should help you create your successful marketing campaign and promote and hold a successful webinar with the robust webinar software platform MyOwnConference.

D-Edge Webinar Advertising

D-Edge Webinar Ad

D-Edge appeals to the urgency in its webinar ad.

Urgency activates fear of missing out and pushes the potential participants over the edge. However, it’s also a double-edged sword since your ad may attract the wrong people.

Appealing to the urgency in your ad is a great way to scoop up those undecided viewers one last time. After all, you’ve got nothing to lose: the worst case is they don’t show up for future events.

D-Edge plays the urgency card well. Two hourglass emojis, words just as “only one day” and “last chance to register,” mentioning the deadline (2020 is just around the corner). This webinar ad should be successful in attracting those late attendees.

Thales eSecurity Webinar Ad


In this webinar advertisement example, people can find the information they will be presenting. This is achieved with a bullet list that clearly states the webinar agenda.

If you choose between long-winded paragraphs and a concise bullet list, go for the latter.

Points in the list are much easier to read and make your ad look more structured and intelligible.

The theme in ClearDegree Webinar Ad


This webinar ad uses Halloween as its main theme. On the one hand, it’s creative and eye-catching. On the other hand, it may look childish when done sloppily.

In a given example, the ad works, especially in conjunction with a professional description that delineates the target audience and the webinar’s main benefit.

Melyssa Griffin Webinar Ad

Melyssa workshop ad

This ad is remarkable for its concrete goal — to get more traffic with Pinterest. That CTA is very on-point and easy to spot while scrolling on your device.

The tone is casual, although the narrator stays professional by mentioning all the businesses she helped.

She mentions words such as “free” and “autopilot,” which make the ad even more appealing since those who don’t want to get the most benefit with the least amount of resources.

Better Place Forests Webinar Ad

better place

This webinar ad has an authentic feel thanks to the picture of a CEO looking directly at a potential participant. He will also be one of the hosts, which is a bonus.

The blue and green colors suit the company’s mission and provide an attractive design.

Heather MacFadyen Webinar Ad


Heather MacFadyen states a particular purpose for her webinar — helping immigrant moms. The ad mentions that she went above and beyond for that by traveling to Oaxaca. This shows commitment to the issue.

The color scheme is soft and peachy, which creates an aura of positivity. The host herself has a radiant smile, making the ad look authentic and inviting.

Potential participants can find the time and date without clicking on the registration button. Since Heather has a specific audience in mind, it makes sense that she also indicated the time zone.

Bank of America Merchant Services Webinar Ad

bank of America

Sometimes you don’t need to say much to say it all. This is the strategy Bank of America Merchant Services chose in their webinar ad wittily titled “Know your stuff.”

The viewer can see a young smiling professional in a cozy environment, presumably eager to learn and grow their business. It’s appealing and relatable.

The company name and logo in the picture boost the ad’s credibility.

Anyone interested in inventory management should be highly inclined to register for the webinar.

Working Scholars Webinar Ad

webinar ad example

This webinar ad has bold red and yellow colors and an equally bold message — “Attract and Retain Top Talent.”

The promise is simple: educate companies about the benefits of low-cost college degrees for their employees and the organization.

There is no fluff in the description. The message is succinct but powerful, which is exactly what you need to catch the audience’s attention.

SEMrush Webinar Ad

semrush webinar

The SEMrush webinar ad is fun and creative. An astronaut floating against the red planet with a laptop displaying the SEMrush logo is a pretty interesting approach to webinar advertising.

All creativity aside, the webinar’s value is pretty well-defined as well. While the original design will grab the participant’s attention, a pronounced benefit will make them register.

InMoment Webinar Ad


InMoment promises to share its secrets regarding quantifying the ROI of customer experience. Like previous examples, the proposition is clear and should easily find its target audience.

The white title stands out pretty well against the greenish background. The ad, in general, is rather minimalist, with a decent amount of white space and a fresh modern feel to it.

Hopefully, these webinar advertisement examples have inspired you to create something just as beautiful and effective in your marketing campaign.

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