How to Host Your First Webinar: Personal Experience

how to hold first webinar

Generally, we might know it is not very easy to start hosting webinars. All those doubts on whether your presentation will be of any interest to others, whether you can cope with the technical side of the process and so on are overcoming you. You constantly doubt the topic, too, and put off the moment X. These are exactly the apprehensions that our marketer is aware of. And today she is ready to present her vision on how to host your first webinar most effectively and remain calm to the maximum extent possible. Here are some of the preparation steps to hosting webinars she would like to share.

1. Get Ready for Webinar

First, take a deep breath and think thoroughly about the plan of your presentation. Please write it down and make sure you have learned it. This is a surefire way to make you feel confident, which in your case means feeling calm. Testing your equipment and webinar service might be another good idea to mention. In addition to this, find a place you will broadcast from, where nobody and nothing will have the slightest chance to distract you from your presentation.

Take care of lighting, too, including additional lighting that is needed in the majority of cases. Close attention to detail allows avoiding unpleasant surprises during the presentation. Use some additional advice to get ready for webinar. Yet, things do sometimes go wrong and this is not a reason for you to get frustrated. Just keep in mind it’s your first webinar only.

2. Predict the Questions

When working on the presentation text, spend some time on trying to foresee the questions that attendees might ask you concerning any particular thought. By doing so your presentation has better chances to become more substantial and bring less unexpected during your webinar.

3. Never Forget about the Attendees

Well, it could be quite easy to be carried away by your first webinar and thus get concentrated on yourself only. Still, do not forget you have some people having joined the webinar to listen to you. Asking questions, encouraging to share experience or impressions is a good practice to follow at the webinar. Remember: you would never get your webinar held without any attendees.

4. Ask for Help

Any webinar service usually offers a possibility to broadcast webinars jointly with a moderator. A moderator is an attendee that helps you in everything you do and keeps an eye on the discipline, for example. As a rule, it’s a moderator’s responsibility to block keyboard cowboys, remove spam messages, posting links to extra materials relating to your presentation.

5. Never Pay Attention to Keyboard Cowboys

During my very first webinar, I was unlucky enough to meet the most furious and the worst Internet inhabitant. But the one I met appeared to be quite harmless and could easily be blocked by the built-in function for banning attendees. Yet, my advice is that you get prepared to different scenarios you might have at your webinar, like spam links from separate visitors that would advertise themselves or their services.

Don’t panic. This is a usual thing and it happens at almost every webinar. This is why you need to block those links and remove the spam messages when you host an online meeting. The main thing you should never forget is that your webinar is held not for the keyboard cowboys. Hence pay the least attention to them.

6. Time is Money

Holding your webinar can carry you away and turn a small 20-minute presentation into an everlasting speech with no signs of ending in at least one hour. Try not to get distracted and tell your attendees you will answer all questions after finishing the main presentation.

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7. Never Read Slides!

Never read the slides, whatever the circumstances might be. Generally, if your attendees are present at your webinar, they are definitely able to read. Simultaneous reading and listening is a laborious task to accomplish. Keep in mind that listening to what you have already read is unbearable.

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8. Relax and Enjoy

Your attendees are also humans. They are just like you. Think of your webinar as a friendly conversation. Techniques and pieces of advice from experienced speakers is what could help you overcome your excitement.

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