Webinar Promotion at Zero Cost

zero cost

Sometimes it might happen promotion of free webinar has got a minimum budget or nothing is planned to be spent at all. Indeed, putting money into a free event does not always seem reasonable. Well, is it possible to attract the quality audience for your webinar with no money spent? Yes, it is. Yet, it is important to remember that there are no completely free promotion methods available. Even if you do not pay money for promotion, you put other resources into this, which are no less precious – your time and efforts. This post will dwell on methods of webinar promotion at zero cost.

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5 Ways to Increase Number of Webinar Registrations

webinar registration

The commercial success of a webinar depends largely on the number of attendees having visited it. In the continuous stream of webinars, trainings and workshops merely offering useful content are not enough to attract registrations. Moreover, according to a research of the marketing company Hubspot, only about 30% of registered visitors attend the webinar. This means practically every webinar presenter needs a thought-out strategy allowing attraction of attendees to one’s online events continuously.

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