10 Tools to Promote an Expert

Promote an expert

You are an expert in your field. You follow the trends and monitor the work of your competitors and… And you cannot understand why they make two, three, and even ten times more than you.

Why do various media publish their articles? Why do others recommend their content on Facebook and ignore you? Perhaps, the answer is simple: nobody knows about you.

People’s recommendations, respect, and recognition are an essential resource. It can help you stand out among the competitors, increase the loyalty of potential and existing clients, convince them to trust you and only you – all because you are an expert.

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Invitation Branding is a Function that Will Surely Delight You. How to Brand Your Emails?

Invitation Branding for a Webinar

When planning a webinar or online lesson, we want to make the webinar room well-fitted to our client’s needs. We can design our webinar with the colours of our brand. We can also add a banner and logo.

Now in MyOwnConference, you can adjust your invitations for webinar, reminders and emails after the events. You can also try to redirect the attendee to your page or any other page by customizing the buttons in your invitation. Those useful functions will help you increase the number of conversions and registrations on your webinar. 

So, how does it work?

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