Tips and Steps of Webinar Organization

webinar organization

Webinars are organized to increase the profitability of businesses. The organizer needs to deliver important information to his audience either to show some ways to increase their efficiency or to increase the popularity of any products or services.

In this article, we have prepared for you some tips for each stage of webinar organization following which you will be less likely to make any serious mistakes and you will definitely organize an effective webinar.

1. Preparation

In fact, this step is the most complicated one and requires the most of time, knowledge and patience.

Defining the purpose

Defining the purpose is the first thing that you should do organizing an online conference.

Be realistic. You should define such goal which implementation is possible accordingly with your resources, such as time, knowledge, benefits and finances.

As soon as you have defined your goal, keep it in mind and make everything in your webinar serve for it.


Define the priorities. Define few key points that are essential in the implementation of your goal. Prioritizing the information will help you to eliminate unnecessary or unessential data, make the webinar well-organized, keep the attention of the audience and increase your chances for success.

Defining the target audience and sending invitations

All people vary by their interests and goals. During your webinar organization, you should find those people who may be interested in your information, then send invitations.

Answer the question – what goals of these people can you help them to accomplish. Help others to solve their problems and you will be their hero.

Your invitations should be not long, should contain precise information preferably in formal style.

Promotion and advertising

It is a well-known fact that advertising is an engine of any business. As more familiar is your products, services or, in this case, your online event, as more chances you have to succeed.

Make a schedule of promotion of your webinar and follow it. Be disciplined and do anything for the promotion of your webinar every day.

Make the accent on social networks. Currently, the most efficient areas for promotion are social networks.

Remember that the best webinar promotion is real people’s recommendations. Thus, take into account your friends and relatives who are more likely to help you.

An impressive and effective presentation

So much depends on the presentation that you demonstrate to your audience.

Use 3-4 colours per slide. It is the optimal number of colours to make your presentation memorable and easy perceivable.

Develop your ideas coherently and logically. That means that your presentation should be built in accordance with the rule “from the small to bigger”. It’s the “crescendo” principle known from music. You start at the lowest point and finish with the most important information leaving a good impression and stimulating the audience to follow your advice.

Use 1 idea per slide. Overloading the slides with data will only make it too complex for understanding and, as a result, will reduce webinar’s efficiency.

Strong technical background of the webinar

Technical conditions of your webinar should be perfect for effective delivery of the information.

Don’t save money for a good and stable internet connection.

Check your microphone and headset beforehand in order to know whether you have any issues with them. If they exist purchase such models of them that are trustworthy.

Observe online services for webinars and choose the most suitable for you. Actually, MyOwnConference provides the whole set of necessary tools for web meetings and ensures high quality, and fast technical support, so it will be a perfect choice for your webinar.

2. Webinar

After thorough preparation webinar will be very easy. Some key points are connected with the speaker:

  • be self-confident and your listeners will believe and follow you without any conditions;
  • be positive and flexible. Issues and misunderstandings are unavoidable. Therefore, they should be resolved masterfully, seemingly easy and any queries of the audience should find their answers. Only in this case, you will be able to reach your goal convincing your listeners in your reliability;
  • involve the participants in the process. Organize any discussions, activities, joint project that will allow your listeners to participate in your presentation.

3. Feedback

Don’t ignore your audience after the webinar. Invest such assets, as your time and energy, to keep in touch with the audience after the webinar. Find out their feelings and ideas about the received information. Maybe, they have any recommendations that will help you to achieve your goals.

It would be an excellent idea to send to participants questionnaires that include all necessary information, opinions and ideas.

Overall, webinar organization is not an easy process and a wide variety of aspects should be taken into account at each step. The more factors you envisage, the more successful you will be in your online event.

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