WebRTC During Webinars: Pros and Cons


Video conferencing no longer requires Flash. This technology has become unnecessary for users because modern browsers no longer use it. Webinars have also gone without it for a long time. Nowadays, WebRTC is more common. So, have most webinar hosting services switched to WebRTC? Not exactly. Lately, you will often hear that users do not want to use WeRTC or that it’s just not working. In this post, we will explore what benefits, if any, that WebRTC technology has brought for webinars and video conferencing. What are the disadvantages that lead webinar hosting platforms to look for alternative technologies? And what solutions does MyOwnConference recommend?

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6 Microlearning Rules Every Online Training Developer Must Follow

Microlearning rules

Training is an essential part of the journey of every employee. When you get hired by a company, your first month is full of training sessions and presentations. They aim to introduce you to the company culture and policy but also teach you how to use different tools or meet your colleagues. Thanks to the global pandemic that has put a toll on the development and evolution of many companies, the majority of people are now working remotely. 

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How to Use Webinar to Drive Traffic and Leads for B2B Companies

webinars for b2b

A webinar is an effective but often overlooked tool for anyone looking to promote their B2B business, build their reputation, keep old clients, and attract a new audience. In this article, I will discuss how to start integrating webinars into your business promotion strategy, the stages of preparation and the main benefits.

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Remote Onboarding Process: A Step-By-Step Guide

Onboarding Process

After 2020, the recruitment and onboarding processes have changed forever. As remote work has become the new normal, working and collaborating is done from a distance. Even though there are companies that are adopting a hybrid working style, the remote part is predominant. So, it might have been more difficult for recruiters to find talents for their companies, but also introduce them to the company culture and improve their retention. 

Currently, many changes are happening in the world, some of them due to the world pandemic. People have lost their jobs, other domains are looking for employees and they do not find any interest, and recruiters try to find ways to improve the retention of the employees. As this mainly has to be done online, the onboarding process is the first step that can help you do this. Because it is remote, it might be scary, but with this step-by-step guide, you can rock it. 

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