10 Writing Tips to Write a Great Webinar Invitation


Have you created an outstanding webinar? That’s great! You’ve done a great job! Now you need to take the next step and design a remarkable webinar invitation and make people want to participate.

Webinar Invitations Tips

Today, we will share writing tips that will help you craft a perfect webinar invitation and win the audience’s attention. Yep, you don’t need to hold a degree in marketing to make your webinar a success — just use these tips, and you will achieve high results.

Let’s get started!

Come up with a catchy subject line

When it comes to webinar invitation emails, the catchy subject line is everything. Modern users receive dozens of emails every day but read only some of them. It means that if your webinar invitation has an unclear, not-engaging subject line, it’s highly likely that users will leave your email unopened.

One of the simplest ways to grab attention is to ask questions that deeply resonate with the users. If you understand your target audience’s pain points, it will be easy for you to come up with such a question.

subject line

Be creative

Do you run webinars on a weekly or monthly basis? Don’t use the same email subject line multiple times. That will make your emails look spammy and make users unsubscribe.

Take a look at the following example. Repetitive subject lines look more like spam rather than useful emails, don’t they?


Don’t make this mistake when designing your webinar invitations. Write each email subject line from scratch.

Introduce speakers of your webinar

In your webinar invitation, you should present the hosts of your webinar. You should mention their names, job titles, and places of work. Also, you can add their headshot photos to personalize your message.

Take a look at the following example. Invitation to The Post Covid-19 Retail Market webinar displays photos of the hosts, the experts who are known as influencers in the field. Thanks to these photos, some users will participate in the webinar not because the webinar’s topic resonates with them but because they want to know these very influencers’ opinions.


Indicate time zone

In the online world, physical borders do not exist. And even if you run a webinar mostly for the local audience, you should understand that some of your webinar participants might live in a different time zone. For this reason, you should always indicate the time zone. It will help you to avoid possible misunderstandings and enhance attendees’ satisfaction.

time zone

Specify whether the recording will be available

If potential webinar participants live across multiple time zones, it might be challenging for you to choose the webinar time that will fit everyone’s schedule. So it will be a good idea to record the webinar and make the recording available for participants within a specified time.

When writing a webinar invitation, you should mention whether you will provide access to the recording or not. It will help users understand whether they should register for your webinar even though they can’t attend the online event on the appointed day and time.


Specify price

Users see your webinar as a product, and they need to know the price to make a purchasing decision. For this reason, your webinar invitation must include information about pricing options. If you offer your webinar for free, that also should be mentioned.


Send more than one invitation

Have you sent a webinar invitation but haven’t got a response within 24 hours? Don’t hesitate to send one more invitation. A user probably hasn’t seen your first email or has seen it but got distracted and failed to complete the required action.

Just keep in mind that you should rewrite the email subject line. It must be clear to the users that you are inviting them to the same webinar and that your second email is not a spam message but a gentle reminder to register.


Proofread your webinar invitation

Do you want people to see you as a professional in the field? Make sure that your webinar invitation is written in good grammar. Check the text for spelling mistakes and typos; correct the words and sentences if necessary.

Can’t catch typos in your own writing? Use online grammar checkers or get help from the best academic writing companies — let professional proofreaders make your webinar invitation look perfect.

Be brief and concise

Webinar invitations should present the basic message of your webinar and intrigue the users. So, please, try to keep the text of the invitation brief and concise. If you overload your invitation with unnecessary details, that will distract rather than attract potential attendees.

Create an irresistible call to action

A webinar invitation directs prospects to the landing page (or another site) for registration. This tool only works effectively when you use a powerful call to action.

If you have written a great invitation but haven’t added a call to action — your project will fail. Your prospects will get interested in attending your online event but will take no action.

So never forget to add a call to action. You can use an ordinary call to action like “register now” and “sign up for the webinar.” Or you can choose other phrases that resonate with your target audience.

Wrapping up

Whether you are using webinars for boosting online course sales or other purposes, you should understand that a well-written invitation is important for your success.

We highly suggest you use the tips and put effort into creating an ideal invitation. That will allow you to attract the desired number of attendees and achieve the goals set.

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