10 Reasons to Hold Webinars this Fall


Fall is a traditional season to start learning. But not only schoolchildren and students start doing this. Grown-ups become active when it comes to attending courses, training, and seminars. Why not use this time for holding webinars? Further, we offer 10 arguments supporting holding online seminars this fall.

1. Authority raise

If you are an employee, experience in conducting webinars, when indicated in your CV, will be the feature that favorably distinguishes you from your colleagues.

For companies, online seminars are a chance to warm up clients’ interest and raise ratings. The more online seminars you hold and the higher their quality is, the more information people will be able to receive about you or your company. Generally, this is the correct way to increase your authority immediately, win the trust of your clients and invoke interest to your products.

2. Increase of potential clients range

People are pleased to attend webinars held free of charge. Registration for events will let you obtain the user’s e-mail, name, and possibly even the phone number. This data is a great start for the future marketing campaign, as you will already have the audience definitely interested in the product you offer.

3. Info about products or services

Have you got a product or an idea not really known as widely as you might want it to be? A webinar is a great thing when it comes to telling people about your product. Let’s face it – not everyone likes reading long articles similar to each other and looking more like an advertisement.

In their turn, webinars are an opportunity to share your knowledge with your audience and tell it about your offer in an unobtrusive manner. Be useful to your listeners. Help them, and their interest in your offer will grow multiple times.

4. Competence demonstration

You can try advertising your product or service as hard as you would, being eloquent in describing its pros, but the clients need to feel trust in you before they are ready to pay.

During the webinar, offer your listeners at least some little, but the real result of solving their problems. This could positively highlight your professionalism and competence.

5. Selling

Another reason to hold a webinar is selling. When potential clients see your face, they feel more comfortable when agreeing to buy. Moreover, promo code or an interesting offer will push visitors towards this.

6. Brand promotion


Webinars can promote your brand among your attendees. Due to regular online meetings, you will have a chance to create some certain impressions about you, along with forming a positive attitude of attendees towards you. Regular webinars offered by you will make your brand more popular and recognizable, which is really important.

7. More profound information about the audience

Due to the registration process, you will be able to gather a lot of useful information about your potential clients. Communication during the event is a precious opportunity to understand your audience, its problems, fears and desires, which is going to become a perfect basis for further marketing activities.

At the end of your event, be sure to leave contact information in order your attendees could get in touch with you directly.

8. Educating


Many people perceive information visually, e.g., through pictures and images, in a better way. Articles and books can describe things in words, but fail to show what people of visual perception type need. If you offer any equipment or items requiring a lot of steps when using them, webinars are your best way to turn a usual manual into a quality visual material.

9. Learning speaking in public

A lot of people fear to speak in front of the audience. Holding webinars will help you fight this fear. Communicating with people with the help of the Internet, but not directly, helps feeling more reliable and self-confident.

10. Holding webinars is easier as it might look

For holding webinars, there is no necessary prerequisite like exclusive knowledge or some scientific degree. Technical requirements for holding webinars are also minimal. What you need is a computer with Internet access, a headset and a good webinar service.

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