Why (And How) You Should Gather Feedback During Webinars

feedback during webinars

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

Gathering feedback is the best way to improve your webinar content and uncover customer needs. But traditional methods of getting feedback might be failing you. 

If you want to optimize your webinars to be more engaging (and therefore higher converting), you’re in the right place. First, let’s explore why collecting feedback is so vital for successful webinars and why the two primary sources of user feedback have inherent flaws. 

(Don’t worry, we’ll explain how to overcome them and get actionable feedback.) 

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A Beginners’ Guide to Webinars

Webinar for beginners

Webinars: suddenly, it seems like everybody’s a pro at hosting them. If you’re new to the whole idea of online events, it can all be a bit intimidating, especially if you have a whole lot of newbie questions that you feel embarrassed to even ask. 

Don’t worry, our beginners’ guide to hosting webinars has got you covered. This article will walk you through everything you need to know about getting started in the world of online events.

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Moderator at the webinar. Who is this and why do you need him?


A webinar moderator is a position that recently emerged, and it’s now becoming a demanded profession. These days, you’ll see such a vacancy a lot on job listing websites.  If this is something you’re interested in, you can master all the intricacies of the profession in special online courses. A lot of people have shown interest in the new profession, and it is rapidly growing. 

Let’s figure out who is a webinar moderator, what functions it performs, and how to work with moderators in the MyOwnConference webinar service.

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