How to Measure Webinar Success

webinar metrics

It often happens that webinar success is measured with the help of money value, i.e., whether it has brought money or not. Yet, in addition to this, there are some more webinar metrics, which are of no less importance. Read this article to learn how to measure webinar success, what metrics you should use, and how to meter and improve them.

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Webinar in Medical Sphere. How Can Doctor Use Webinars?

webinar for doctor

Have you made a decision to host a webinar in medical sphere but have got no clue what to start with? Today we are going to tell you how to organize and host a webinar in the right manner. By following the below pieces of advice and working on each paragraph thoroughly, you will be able to turn your online medical conference into a meeting place for colleagues, a platform for knowledge exchange with renowned experts, a source of constant income and attraction for pharmaceutical companies.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Webinar that Your Audience Would Love

marvelous webinar

Creating a webinar that your audience would love is a challenging yet nice thing to do. You need to engage your audience, so you need to present interesting and helpful content creatively. A marvelous webinar should leave people motivated and inspired, not bored to death and with a feeling that they don’t want to repeat the experience.

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